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Sep 13 2017

Clever Ways to Decorate an Awkward Corner

At some point, you’ve probably been faced with an awkward corner you didn’t know how to decorate. Whether it’s small, awkwardly placed, or simply uninspiring, it can leave you scratching your head on how to deal with it. Fortunately, there are a lot of creative and stylish ways ...
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Sep 11 2017

Featured Staged Listing: September 2017

This month's featured staged listing is a charming two-story home in Orlando. As soon as you walk in, the first thing you'll notice is the incredible natural light that pours in through the many windows. It creates a fresh, welcoming atmosphere that carries through the entire home. We ...
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Sep 7 2017

How to Refresh an Outdated Fireplace

A fireplace is a wonderful architectural element. They bring interest, charm, and character to a space, not to mention serve as a great focal point. However, if your fireplace is outdated and unattractive, it will have the opposite effect and drag down the look of the room. You ...
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Sep 4 2017

How to Declutter Your Kitchen and Clear the Surfaces

The kitchen is one of the quickest places in your home to become overstuffed and cluttered. The catch is that it’s also one of the most functional areas in your home, so it’s important for it to have an efficient set-up. And of course, an uncluttered kitchen is ...
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