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Living room in a modern home with open staircase

Jun 9 2020

5 Home Staging Myths

Have you ever considered staging your home? If so, you may have heard some common home staging myths that even realtors believe. This post aims to debunk these myths once and for all. At MHM Professional Staging, we know that ...
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Spooky chandelier covered in cobwebs

Oct 29 2019

A Staging Horror Story

It was nearly midnight when the woman entered her home through the front door. She flipped the light switch in the foyer—but no lights came on. She flipped the switch two more times before muttering something under her breath. Her ...
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Example of professional home staging based on our home staging to-do list

Sep 17 2019

The Seller’s Home Staging To-Do List

A real estate agent is an invaluable partner who can help sell your home quickly. As a homeowner, there are a few things you can do to help sell your home even faster. One of the most effective things you ...
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May 1 2019

5 Effortless Ways To Make A Small Bedroom Feel Like A Master Sanctuary

Having a petite sized bedroom is a fabulous opportunity to show off just how inventive and innovative with design one can get. Actually, a small bedroom is charming, attractive, and quaint – a special retreat from chaotic life. With that, ...
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Nov 15 2018

The Importance of Bedding When Staging a Bedroom

There are a lot of details that go into successfully staging a home for sale. Bedrooms, especially the master bedroom, hold a lot of weight in a buyer’s analysis of a home. This is a room where it is especially ...
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Nov 5 2018

How to Emotionally Detach from Your Home When Selling

Selling a home has its ups and downs. It’s exciting to move forward and start fresh in a new place, but leaving behind what you’ve known can bring up a lot of emotions. To sell your home, it’s necessary to ...
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Oct 29 2018

What to Expect from a Home Staging Consultation

Home staging is one of the most powerful and effective marketing strategies to sell your home fast and for top dollar. Once you’ve decided to invest in staging your home, it all starts with a consultation. But what exactly does ...
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Oct 25 2018

How Furniture Arrangement Can Ruin the Sale of Your Home

There are a lot of factors that go into making a home appealing to buyers so you can sell it fast and for the most money possible. One you may be overlooking? Furniture arrangement. How a room is arranged has ...
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Oct 22 2018

The Importance of Selling Your Home Fast

It may seem like wanting to sell your home fast is a no-brainer, but some sellers find themselves sitting on a property for a while when it doesn’t end up going quickly. They adopt the mindset that the right buyer ...
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Oct 18 2018

What to Ask When Choosing the Right Home Stager

A home stager plays a key role in your marketing team when you are planning to list a home for sale. Home staging gives a listing a competitive edge but only if the stager has the knowledge and experience to ...
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