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Open floor plan living room with view of kitchen.

Sep 21 2021

How to Define Spaces When Staging An Open Floor Plan

There are many benefits to an open floor plan. It’s more inviting and eases movement throughout the home. However, it can be challenging to define spaces when staging. If you don’t stage an open floor plan correctly, your home can ...
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A living room with stone fireplace and neutral colored walls.

Aug 17 2021

Increase the Value of Your Home with These Simple Upgrades

When selling your home, you want to do everything you can to increase the value of your home in order to get the greatest return on your investment. Increasing the value of your home is especially important when there are ...
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A neutral colored living room with large artwork piece behind sofa.

Jul 20 2021

How to Stage Your Airbnb and VRBO Properties and Shine Against the Competition

As the world is starting to open back up, many people are booking short-term rentals, and length of their stays has also been increasing. Now that summer is here, it’s only expected to ramp up. Because of the rising demand ...
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A living room with light colors and lots of natural light.

Jun 15 2021

7 Summer Home Staging Tips

As summer is approaching and the temperatures are rising, the housing market is beginning to heat up as well. Summer is one of the most popular seasons to sell a home. This means it’s one of the most competitive times ...
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Blue accent wall behind a cream-colored headboard in a master bedroom

May 18 2021

Elevate Your Home with Accent Walls

When you’re getting ready to sell your home, there are simple changes you can make that can have a big impact. One easy way to elevate your home and add more style is through accent walls. We’ve put together some ...
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Living room with large sectional.

Apr 20 2021

How to Stage Your Home to Appeal to Families

When staging your home, it’s important to keep your target market in mind. Who is most likely to purchase your home? Your target market will determine how to strategically stage your home. How you stage your home for a family, ...
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A dining room with gold abstract painting on the wall.

Jan 19 2021

How To Choose Artwork for Home Staging

When getting your home ready to sell, choosing the right artwork for staging can truly make a difference. Art creates subconscious feelings and associations and can evoke an emotional attraction. If you choose the right art, it can make potential ...
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Living room with colorful throw pillows.

Dec 15 2020

Use these Easy Accessories to Add More Style to Your Home

Accessories are an excellent way to add more style to your home especially as you are preparing to sell it. We’ve gathered a few home style accessories that make it easy to elevate your home's overall look. Adding these accessories ...
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A staged living room.

Nov 17 2020

The Right Way to Fix Up a Home for Sale

When you’re getting your home ready to sell, all the things wrong with your home may start to stick out. You may even start to feel a little overwhelmed with everything you think might need fixing. However, there are tricks ...
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Staged home with open floor plan.

Oct 20 2020

Why You Should Stage Your Home Even When the Market Is HOT

When the housing market is hot, this means inventory is low and there aren’t as many homes available for sale. Although you have a greater chance of selling your home “as-is”, there are still many benefits to having your home ...
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