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Jun 29 2017

How to Personalize Your Home When You're Renting

Renting an apartment or house has a lot of benefits, but personalizing it can seem like a challenge when your landlord places limitations on what you can customize. Many landlords won’t allow you to even paint the walls, let alone change things like flooring and cabinets. However, this ...
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Jun 26 2017

Stylish Ways to Keep Kids Rooms Organized

Some of the hardest rooms in the house to keep organized are kids rooms. Whether it’s their bedroom or playroom, clutter can be a challenge. Not only do most kids have a lot of stuff, but they’re constantly getting in and out of it which can make it ...
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Jun 22 2017

5 Summer Curb Appeal Tips That Will Have Buyers Rushing Inside

Summer is upon us, which means a lot of people have begun house hunting. It’s one of the most popular seasons for buying and selling which means you’ll have a lot of competition if you’re planning to list your home now. To give your home an edge on ...
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Jun 19 2017

Book Styling Tips for Home Staging and Decorating

Decorating with books is a fantastic way to add character and charm to your décor. They come in a variety of colors and sizes that make them versatile enough to be incorporated into any vignette. We love to use them for both home staging and decorating because of how stylish ...
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