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Aug 10 2017

5 of Our Favorite Accent Colors for the Kitchen

At first glance, it may seem like decorating a kitchen relies solely on the cabinets and countertop. While those are important elements, what gives a kitchen character and polishes it off is the décor you accent it with. That’s why choosing the right accent color for a kitchen ...
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Aug 7 2017

How to Work Around Ill-Placed Light Switches

There can be some awkward features in homes that we have to work around when we start decorating or staging a home. One of the most common issues is an ill-placed light switch or outlet. Unfortunately, electricians don’t usually have aesthetics in mind when they choose the placement ...
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Aug 3 2017

7 Creative Ideas for a Headboard You Wouldn’t Expect

The bed is the focal point of a bedroom and the headboard can make or break the entire look. There are a lot of options on the market for headboards, but what if you want something a little different? If you want to make a statement in your ...
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You may think buyers won't notice or care about these spots in your home, but they actually could have a big impact on their impression of it. Make sure you stage these 3 areas before you list!

Jul 31 2017

The Most Overlooked Spots for Home Staging That Buyers WILL Notice

When it comes to staging a home for sale, it’s all about presentation and highlighting the home’s best features. The reason home staging works is that it uses the same principles that marketers and designers use when packaging a product. Home staging makes homes more appealing and communicates ...
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