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5 Ways to Use Color to Transform a Space

The most transformative element in design is color. It can change the entire look and feel of a space, even with just a small accent. There is a lot of psychology behind color, too, so you can use it to affect the mood and vibe of your home. If you’ve been wanting to transform a…

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5 Accent Colors Perfect for Summer

Summer is the most vibrant season of the year. It’s all about having fun, going on adventures, and spending time out in the sun. We love decorating our homes for the seasons so that we can fully embrace each one’s vibe and enjoy it fully, even when we’re at home. For the summer, it’s all…

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Colors You Should Never Use for Home Staging

One thing that’s common in both home staging and decorating: color is one of their most powerful components. With home staging, the goal is to attract as many buyers as possible and help them see the true potential of the home. Color can be a strong asset in achieving that. The right colors can enhance…

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Our Favorite Winter Color Schemes for Decorating

When it comes to winter color schemes, white is the common thread that links them all. If you use white as your base, you can add your personal touch through the accent colors, textures, and patterns. It’s a crisp, icy base that is classic, elegant, and very versatile. There are a few go-to accent colors…

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Our Favorite Fall Color Ideas for Decorating

Fall is a season full of beautiful colors. Nature literally transforms and offers up a lot of inspiration that we can translate into our own homes. Color is one of the most powerful elements in design, so it’s a great place to start if you want to capture the essence of a season, especially one as…

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