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Jul 26 2022

5 Home Improvements for a Faster Sale

Preparing to sell your home involves more than making it look great. Making your home attractive to buyers starts with having a solid foundation. Before you begin bringing in new furniture or decorative elements, ask yourself if there are any ...
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Jun 16 2020

Differences Between Home Staging and Design

Many people confuse home staging and design or mistake them for the same thing. Both are excellent options for updating your home. Although they have some similarities, each of them serves their own distinct purposes. Which one you choose depends ...
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Sep 3 2018

5 Things for Your Home’s September To-Do List

Summer is coming to an end and fall is right around the corner. September is a transitional month that is a great time to do some maintenance on your home to get it ready for the cooler season. Here are ...
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Jul 23 2018

5 Signs It’s Time to Declutter Your Home

Decluttering is one of the best things you can do to make your home more appealing and relaxing, but a lot of us tend to put it off. However, the benefits of decluttering far outweigh the investment of time and ...
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Jun 4 2018

How to Keep Your Entryway Dry During Wet Weather

During certain seasons, rain and snow can be an issue when it comes to keeping water and muck out of your home – especially if you have kids. The entryway point gets the brunt of it, so in order to ...
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Jan 4 2018

Common Organizing Blunders That Make Your House Look Messy

Are you always trying to keep your home clean and yet feel like your efforts fall short because somehow, it still looks messy? Don’t worry, a lot of people experience this same issue. If your home always seems to look ...
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Jan 1 2018

How to Keep 3 Key Areas in Your Home Organized in the New Year

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to get your home more organized? Even if you hadn’t given it any thought, having an organized home sets you up for success. The way you feel about your home affects your mental ...
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Feb 3 2017

Tips and Tricks for Painting Cabinets like a Pro

More often than not, an outdated kitchen or bathroom can be given a dramatic facelift simply by painting the cabinets and switching out the hardware. As long as the cabinets are in good shape, you don’t have to replace them. This ...
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Jan 2 2017

3 Resolutions to Make for a Better-Organized Home in the New Year

With the start of a brand new year, it’s always fun to make a list of resolutions that we can look forward to striving towards. There are a lot of different areas of your life to make resolutions for, but ...
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Done with Spring Cleaning and Can’t Find Room for Everything You Own? Donate it!

It’s great to be done with spring cleaning—your house looks great, the closets that have been a mess for months are finally neat, and your floors are cleaner than they have been in a year. However, if you are like ...
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