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Art for Home Staging

Art is one of the most important finishing touches in decorating and staging a home. For a personal residence, it is all about choosing something that personally speaks to you. When it comes to art for staging homes, however, it’s more about creating an atmosphere that will inspire buyers and capture the essence of the home.
The best art for home staging will compliment the home it’s placed in while not distracting from the home itself. It should be subtle but attractive to the eye. Home staging art will enhance each space and help bring out the best features of the home, serving the overall story of the property. The wrong art can create a dissonance that will make everything feel a little off, while the right art for homes can make everything come alive and feel truly complete.

When choosing art for home staging, you’ll want to look for the following things:

  • Art that is neutral and doesn’t portray anything that could potentially be offensive or off-putting to anyone
  • Art that flows with the neutral color scheme recommended for home staging, unless it’s a small pop of color that suits other subtle accents you’ve introduced into the décor
  • Art that compliments the overall style of the home, such as contemporary, traditional, Mediterranean, craftsman, etc.
  • Art that fits the scale of the space, i.e. isn’t dwarfed by high ceilings or overpowering in a smaller room
  • Art that isn’t too busy or eye-catching that could distract buyers from what you really want them to be focusing on, which is the home itself

Megan Morris’ Home Staging Art

In addition to being a talented home stager, Megan Morris is also a gifted fine artist. Her journey with art began when she followed an interest in fashion design and studied art in college. Megan has studied under many accomplished artists, such as Sharon Miller in California, Keith Klein in Kentucky and Jamali in Winter Park, and was an art docent in Cincinnati. Her art education has been broad having studied art history, sculpture and many other forms of art, which included a time in Europe. Although Megan is classically trained using techniques from the masters, her art is continually evolving.

Megan often uses her skills to create original home staging art for MHM’s clients. This ensures that every property gets the best possible art to compliment the style and color scheme of that home. In addition to creating original art for home décor, reproductions of some of her favorite home staging art are available for purchase online at Fine Art America. You can now have the perfect staging art for your home created specifically for that purpose. Many of the designs are even available in a wide variety of color variations to suit your home's individual style.

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