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5 Home Improvements for a Faster Sale

Preparing to sell your home involves more than making it look great. Making your home attractive to buyers starts with having a solid foundation. Before you begin bringing in new furniture or decorative elements, ask yourself if there are any repairs you need to make. To start, think about these five areas when making home…

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Staging Your Entryway to Sell Your Home

Close up of console table with vignette and wooden mirror above.

Creating the best first impression when selling your home is vital since the first impression is a lasting one. Try looking at your home through the eyes of the buyer. One of the first things potential buyers pay attention to after curb appeal is your entryway. That’s why staging your entryway is so important. Unfortunately,…

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Staging a Goliath House for Zombie House Flipping (S2 E13)

Exterior of an abandoned mansion with "Zombie House Flipping" sign.

MHM Professional Staging is proud to be part of the A&E show, Zombie House Flipping, filmed right here in Orlando, Florida. On Zombie House Flipping season two episode thirteen, the Zombie team took on a Goliath-sized home located in the pleasant neighborhood of Delaney Park. This large home presented many challenges. In the beginning, the…

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Staging a Short Sale for Zombie House Flipping (S2 E12)

Large abandoned home with realtor sign that says "Zombie House Flipping".

Our MHM Professional Staging team loves staging homes for the A&E TV show Zombie House Flipping, filmed right here in Orlando, Florida On Zombie House Flipping season two episode twelve, the Zombie team bought a small home on a very large lot in a short sale. The team agreed that the house was in great…

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