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a staged living room

Aug 23 2022

Home Staging: Your Competitive Edge in a Cooling Market

For much of 2021 and 2022, we’ve experienced a hot market. Also referred to as a seller’s market, buyers were competing to put offers in on homes. However, that pattern is beginning to change. Prices are starting to drop as ...
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A blurred image of a large home with a for sale sign in front.

Apr 5 2022

Has Your Home Been on the Market Too Long?

Listing your home for sale can be an exciting time. You may be getting ready for a fresh start in a new home. Moving to a new home has its own expenses so the sooner you can sell your old ...
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Oct 19 2021

5 Ways to Make Your Home Irresistible to Buyers

When selling your property, your goal is to make your home irresistible to buyers so it can rise above the competition and sell quickly. In order to make the most money on your home, buyers need to feel confident that ...
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Exterior of a large home.

Nov 24 2020

Open House or Private Showings? How to Sell Your Home Fast

If you’re getting ready to sell your home, you may be wondering which option is the best way to sell it fast. What the pros and cons are of holding an open house vs. private showings? We’ll dive deeper into ...
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Exterior of a home.

Aug 18 2020

How a Buyer Sees Your Home

As a homeowner getting ready to sell your house, it’s important to consider how a buyer sees your home. Being able to look at your house objectively, through the eyes of a buyer, will give you a greater chance of ...
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Bedroom virtually staged by MHM Professional Staging

May 19 2020

Why Virtual Staging Is Worth the Investment

Selling a home is about more than just selling the house itself. It’s about selling a lifestyle. Buyers must be able to visualize themselves living in the home. Staged homes make it easy for potential buyers to do this. That’s ...
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Paint brush hovering over sheet of paint samples

May 12 2020

The Worst Paint Color for Your Home

Pantone 448 C, aka “Opaque Couché,” might sound fancy, but don’t let its name deceive you. It’s known as the world’s ugliest color. The hue of Opaque Couché is so drab that it is often associated with death—which is why ...
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Notary public stamp, a relic from before remote online notarization

Apr 21 2020

Remote Online Notarization (RON) Helps Sell Your Home at a Distance

The coronavirus outbreak may have slowed the world down, but that doesn’t mean life has come to a complete halt. If you happen to be in the process of selling your home, you may be worried that you’ll need to ...
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Front door with lock box keyless entry

Apr 14 2020

How to Sell Your Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Were you preparing to sell your home when life threw us all a curveball with this novel coronavirus? You are not alone. Many people were in the process of buying and selling their homes when the current coronavirus outbreak reached ...
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Twilight shot of a home's stunning curb appeal

Mar 17 2020

Curb Appeal Dos and Don’ts When Selling Your Home

When it comes to selling a home, creating a positive first impression is vital. That’s why paying attention to your home’s curb appeal is so important. Curb appeal is essentially what your home looks like from the curb. It has ...
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