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How to Make Your Bathroom More Luxurious and Spa-Like

Want to turn your bathroom into a spa-like retreat? You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a renovation to make it happen. Creating a more luxurious bathroom is as easy as incorporating a few simple elements into the space. You can turn your bathroom into your own personal spa in just one day…

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How to Make a Big Impact in a Small Bathroom

Decorating a small space always has its challenges. It can seem like your options are limited, but in fact, there are often a lot more possibilities than meets the eye. Small bathrooms are common, especially in older homes, but they are capable of holding plenty of storage and even serving up a “wow” factor with…

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5 Tips for Organizing and Styling a Vanity

If you apply makeup every day, a vanity is a great asset to have. Sometimes, bathrooms have a make-up area built into the layout but in most cases, you have to create your own set-up in your bedroom. Ideally, your vanity should be a luxurious spot where you pamper yourself. Not only should you feel…

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5 DIY Ways to Give Your Bathroom More Character

When it comes to a bathroom, it can seem impossible to give it more character without completely remodeling the shower, tub, and vanity. However, that’s usually not the case. It’s actually quite easy to give a bathroom a makeover and make it more charming with some quick and easy do-it-yourself fixes. None of the following…

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Before & After: Easy DIY Bathroom Update

One of the most popular rooms for homeowners to want to renovate is the bathroom. A common misconception is that you have to invest a lot of money to update a bathroom, but that’s not the case. You can do an easy DIY bathroom update in a weekend on a low budget and achieve beautiful,…

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The 5 Most Important Home Staging Tips for Bathrooms

It is common to see homeowners put a lot of attention into staging the main living areas of the home, but then brush off the bathrooms. This is a big mistake! While spots like the kitchen and living room are definitely very important, so are the bathrooms. Home buyers are going to do a lot…

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Home Staging Webinar: Bathroom Staging

Bathroom Staging

The master bathroom is meant to be one of the most relaxing spaces in a home. It’s where you start your day and where you go to refresh and unwind at the end of it. When you are staging a home for sale, it’s important to keep these things in mind to get the desired…

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