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Close up a blue sofa with a wooden end table and wooden decorative piece on top.

Feb 1 2022

How to Incorporate Natural Wood When Staging Modern Homes

Design elements play a major role when getting a home ready to sell. One design element we’re currently loving is natural wood in modern homes. Natural wood has been most commonly seen in rustic and farm-style homes. However, it’s becoming ...
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Glass dining table redesigned with fresh flowers and table settings

Dec 24 2019

What is Redesign?

When was the last time you gave your home a design update? Did you know that you can give your house a beautiful makeover without having to buy any new furniture or décor? That’s the beauty of a redesign. It’s ...
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Accessories on the coffee table in the Delaney Park house from Zombie House Flipping season two episode two

Aug 20 2019

What is LRV?

LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value. It’s a measurement of the amount of light a color reflects. If you’re choosing a new paint color for your home, LRV is something you will want to pay close attention to because it ...
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Nov 19 2018

12 Captivating Celebrity Kitchens to Inspire You

The kitchen is referred to as the heart of the home. It's where you prepare the meals for your family and where everyone often ends up during a party. It's also one of the most important rooms in your home ...
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Nov 12 2018

How to Define a Space with Elements Other Than Walls

In a large space with an open concept, the arrangement of each area can be tricky. When done wrong, the whole space can feel cold, awkward, and unappealing. The key is to clearly define each space while creating a harmonious ...
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Oct 11 2018

11 Celebrity Living Rooms to Inspire Your Own

The living room is one of the most important rooms in a home because it's where you gather with family and friends and unwind after a long day. Looking for some inspiration for yours? There is no shortage of great ...
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Oct 4 2018

5 Great Places to Use an Accent Wall

An accent wall is one of the best tricks in the book to give your home more charm and character. They’re also smart solutions for certain decorating dilemmas to alter the feel of a space, create a focal point or ...
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Aug 20 2018

How to Change the Look and Feel of a Room with Paint Colors

Color is a powerful element to use when decorating or staging a home. It has been proven to have an effect on people’s psychology, influencing their mood, energy level, and even their hunger. When you are choosing paint colors for ...
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Jul 26 2018

Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Relaxing

Your home should be your sanctuary. If your home doesn’t currently make you feel relaxed and at peace as soon as you walk into it but you wish that it did, then there are some easy decorating changes you can ...
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Jul 12 2018

4 Go-To Backsplash Options That Are Great for Resale

One of the most transformative elements in a kitchen is the backsplash. If a kitchen doesn’t have one or has an unappealing one, it affects the entire look of the space regardless of how beautiful the other elements are. If ...
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