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Lighting: The Secret to Showcasing Your New Build’s Best Features

A dining room with a modern lighting fixture centered over the table.

As a homebuilder, you take a lot of pride in your work. You’ll want to highlight all the time and attention to detail that went into your architectural choices. To successfully draw attention to your new build’s best features, lighting is key. It’s more than just a practical necessity, it’s a wonderful tool for impressing potential buyers. No matter the kind of ambiance you’re aiming for – minimalist, cozy, or maybe sleek – lighting can help you achieve your goals. In this post, we’ll dive into how lighting can affect the overall appearance of a home, in addition to the main factors to consider.

Why Lighting Matters

What makes lighting so important when you’re staging a new build? To start, you can change the entire visual perception of a room. Without proper lighting, you could unknowlingly make the mistake of making a room feel smaller than it actually is. The good news is that you can make rooms feel more spacious and airy. You even can influence where visitors are focusing their attention through ambient, task, or accent lighting. Between both the interior and exterior areas of your home, the impact lighting can have can seem limitless.

Using Natural Light

A kitchen with natural lighting coming in through the windows.

As we discuss the importance of lighting, it’s important to remember we’re not just talking about picking out the right fixtures and bulbs. Natural lighting plays a very large role in the way your home feels. How can you use this to your advantage? Be sure to choose the right window treatments to manage how much light enters each room. To further control the intensity of both light and heat, you can also try staging with strategically placed shelves. These are great options for staying mindful of natural lighting while maintaining your desired aesthetic. 

Choosing Fixtures

Lighting fixtures should match a home’s architectural style to effectively show off the new build’s best features. Remember, you want to choose the fixtures that look beautiful and deliver lighting that illuminates the space to its full potential. Plus, you can consider including smart lighting and more energy-efficient options. Smart lighting can also be used to change how cool or warm the color temperature is, which is great for adjusting the overall mood of the room.

Layering Light

A view of a kitchen island with overhead lighting.

In home staging, layering light is one of the most effective methods for mastering your lighting design and showcasing a new build’s best features. Layering involves combining different types of light to create a look that has more depth. You can incorporate different lighting sources and intensities. You can even highlight specific areas with more focused and localized lighting. This is where your lighting decisions need some intention behind them.

Highlighting Architectural Features

To go the extra mile and focus on the unique elements of your new build, pay special attention to the areas you want the largest focus on. Both uplights and downlights can be great for this. These types of lighting can be used to show off a high ceiling and textured walls, or highlight something from above. Adding lighting at an angle, also known as grazing, can be powerful as well. Or, maybe you’ll choose to keep the entire room uniformly lit. The shadows you create can also add to the visual interest. 

Working with Professionals

A lamp with focused lighting on a bedroom night stand.

By hiring a professional staging company, you can rest assured that the best lighting is being used to showcase your new build’s best features and accentuate all your hard work. At MHM Professional Staging, our experts use their experience and a trained eye to highlight the best parts of a home. Ready to get your new build off the market quickly? Request a home staging consultation today!

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