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5 Home Improvements for a Faster Sale


Preparing to sell your home involves more than making it look great. Making your home attractive to buyers starts with having a solid foundation. Before you begin bringing in new furniture or decorative elements, ask yourself if there are any repairs you need to make. To start, think about these five areas when making home improvements for a faster sale.


Exterior of a large home.

If your roof is aging or faulty, this will have a huge impact on selling your home. Home inspections will uncover any of these issues before a sale is final. Plus, home insurance companies won’t cover a roof that hasn’t been replaced in an appropriate amount of time. If a roof is too old, it could make or break a buyer’s decision to close on your home.

It goes without saying that a sturdy and updated roof is essential for safety. However, your roof also plays a significant role in your home’s curb appeal. It could even be that you just need a few shingles replaced for a better look.


The front porch of a home. There are two seats and a small table.

Windows are another feature on your home you should be checking thoroughly. Even if you clean your windows regularly, there are several reasons you might opt for some updates or a complete replacement. Scratches, broken frames, or air leaks are all issues you’ll want to avoid.

It’s possible to improve the appearance of your windows through a glaze or updated frames and shutters. Additionally, caulk or weatherstrip might be needed for better energy efficiency. Adding new blinds or curtains can be a great final touch. Fixing windows is an investment that typically benefits sellers in the end, so it’s always worth looking into.

Cabinets and Drawers

A view of a kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets and drawers are the kinds of details that matter more to buyers than you might think. Of course paint color is huge, but there are other simple ways to improve how they look. You might consider changing out old handles or knobs.

It’s important to make sure all cabinets and drawers are functioning well, too. You might be used to a cabinet door that squeaks or a drawer that gets stuck, but these should be fixed before your home is open for showings.


A dining room.

Lighting can completely change a room. On top of making sure all light bulbs are working before welcoming buyers into your home, make sure the lighting you choose suits each room well. Does the lighting need to be warmer or cooler? These questions will also come in handy when it comes time to take photos of your staged home. You should also think about any fixtures you might want to swap out for an updated look.

Bathroom Fixtures

View of a bathroom faucet.

Oftentimes, improving the bathroom doesn’t call for an entire remodel. Bathroom fixtures can have a powerful effect on the room. These fixtures include items connected through plumbing. Focus on the sink faucets, shower head, toilet and bathtub. These are the parts of your bathroom any buyer will be looking at right away.

If any fixtures are at all rusty or leaky, they’ll need to be fixed or replaced right away. Luckily, modern faucets or a new shower head are incredibly attractive features. You can also play around with different finishes you might use, like chrome or polished brass. These are all great ways to make the room feel instantly elevated.

Schedule a Home Staging Consultation

Once you’re ready to put your home on the market, having it ready for showings is crucial. You’ll want to focus on these key home improvements for a faster sale. Then, consider having a staging company like MHM Professional Staging help you appeal to even more buyers. Request a home staging consultation today!

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