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How Home Staging Can Help You Prepare for the Holidays

View of holiday tablescape.

The holidays are quickly approaching and homes will soon be filled with dear friends and family. It’s helpful to start preparing for the holidays early to keep things as stress-free as possible. There are a lot of home staging tips to help you prepare for the holidays. The principles of home staging can help you arrange your home in a way that is inviting to guests and functional for gatherings.

Declutter Your Home

Before preparing your home for the holidays, you may need to do some decluttering first. This will help your home appear clean and organized. Start early so you can take your time. It will be a lot easier if you declutter room by room instead of trying to tackle everything at once.

Staging Tips for Conversational Seating

A living room with conversational seating, two club chairs, a coffee table, sofa, and rug.

Once everything is decluttered, prepare for the holidays by placing furniture in a way that makes your home feel welcoming and comfortable. Conversational seating arrangements are key to inspiring engagement among your guests. You’ll want to arrange your furniture in a way that facilitates conversation and flow.

Due to COVID concerns, you may find that your guests spread out more. Be prepared to make adjustments to each room of your home in order to accommodate guests’ desire for personal space. If you want your home to appear larger, follow these tips.

 A living room with large sofa rug, and bench creating a divider between the rooms.

Creating conversational seating arrangements is all about spacing. If the seating arrangement is off, it will make the whole room feel disconnected. Make sure to pull furniture away from the walls.

During the holidays, benches and ottomans come in handy for extra seating. They can be easily moved and don’t take a lot of visual space. A chaise lounge is another wonderful piece that can both define and unify two separate areas of the house. It can also double as a table for snacks and drinks.

Staging Techniques for Tablescapes and Place Settings

Dining room decorated for the holidays with a festive table setting, red glasses, and gold silverware.

Staging techniques for setting the table will wow your guests! It’s essential to have the right base to work with. Consider getting new chargers which are large, decorative plates other dinnerware is placed on top of. Placing simple ceramic plates on top will work well enhanced with brightly colored fabrics, napkin holders, and appropriate silver and dinnerware. Set the place settings in an orderly fashion to keep the presentation pristine.

Napkin Presentation

A table setting with plates, napkins with napkin rings, and wine glasses.

There are countless ways to use napkins that will uplevel the look of your table presentation. One of the most common and easy ways to do it is by using napkin rings. Another easy way to place napkins is to put them inside wine glasses.

In addition, there are many ways to beautifully fold napkins for impressive tablescapes. Large napkins work best for folding. One helpful tip is to iron and starch your napkins before folding.

For versatility and creative freedom, one of our favorites is the lotus fold. It’s a perfect fold for placing decorative items centered on top of the napkin. You can place pinecones or ornaments in the middle of the napkin for the holidays. The possibilities are endless.

Table Embellishments

Beautiful Christmas tablescape with candles, pinecones, garland, and ornaments.

Gathering natural elements outdoors is an excellent and affordable way to embellish your tablescape. Branches, sticks, and autumn leaves are wonderful elements to add to your table during fall. Pumpkins and gourds are also excellent for fall. For more inspiration, check out this post about staging homes for fall. For winter, you can decorate your tablescape with artificial snowflakes, crystal accessories, and ornaments.

Book A Holiday Staging Consultation

Using these staging tips can help you prepare for the holidays and create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy quality time with loved ones. The right ambiance can enhance everyone’s experience making the holidays even more memorable. If you’d like help preparing your home for the holidays, our team at MHM Professional Staging would be delighted to help. Request a holiday staging consultation today!

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