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How to Incorporate Natural Wood When Staging Modern Homes

Close up a blue sofa with a wooden end table and wooden decorative piece on top.

Design elements play a major role when getting a home ready to sell. One design element we’re currently loving is natural wood in modern homes. Natural wood has been most commonly seen in rustic and farm-style homes. However, it’s becoming more popular in unexpected styles from modern to contemporary. At MHM Professional Staging, we love staging natural wood in modern homes. Incorporating natural wood is a great way to liven up your home when staging.

Natural wood is an excellent design element for staging for many different reasons. For starters, It’s gender-neutral, timeless, and versatile. It also instantly adds character and charm into any space. It captivates buyers with its lived-in look. Read on for inspiration on how to incorporate natural wood into your home.

Add Natural Wood Furniture Pieces

Modern glass table top desk with natural wood legs.

One way to add natural wood into a staged home is through furniture pieces. In this staged home, the desk keeps with the modern theme but pulls in natural wood tones in the legs that match the natural wood baseboards. If you have the option of updating your trim, this is another great way to incorporate natural wood elements!

Pair Natural Wood with Creams and White

Stark whites, like High Reflective White, are currently trending in staged homes. But without any contrast to balance out the white, a room could look stale. Adding a splash of natural wood warms things up. Whites, creams, and other neutrals ideal for staging provide the perfect backdrop for natural wood.

Add Wooden Accessories

In the Kitchen

A kitchen with wooden accessories on the counter top.

The kitchen is an easy place to add in natural wood elements without splurging. Stage a decorative container with wooden spatulas or use cute wooden containers great for storing sugar or flour. The most important thing in the kitchen is to keep the number of items on the counter minimal. Avoid cluttered counters. For more ways to make your kitchen stand out to buyers, check out this post.

A kitchen wall with white cabinetry, white backsplash tile, and wooden shelves.

An all-white kitchen with a splash of wood is a beautiful combination. Wooden shelves are an excellent way to add natural wood. When pairing wood with white backdrops, we recommend opting for warm woods.

In the Bathroom

A bathroom with a white tub, matte black details, a wooden table, candlestick, and body brush.

Consider adding natural wood in your bathroom as well. It easily adds a sense of warmth and comfort ideal for an intimate space. It can be as simple as adding a wooden end table, candlestick, and body brush as shown above.

Add Wooden Slats to Walls or Ceilings

A living room area with fireplace with wooden panels around it.

If you are trying to increase the value of your home, upgrading it with some built-in wooden elements is a great idea. Although this option is pricier than other alternatives, it can have a great impact. You can create a wooden accent wall like the one shown above. Adding wooden slats to a ceiling is another way you can upgrade a room. This works especially great for defining separate spaces in an open floor plan.

Don’t Be Afraid of Mixing Different Wood Tones

You may be hesitant to mix different wood tones, but we encourage it. If you try to match all of your wood pieces, your room will lack dimension and could fall flat. Mixing different wood tones will create a more dynamic look with greater visual interest.

An open floor plan with view of living room with wooden floors, wooden coffee table, and bench with wooden legs.

Tips for mixing wood tones

  1. Find dominant wood tone. This could be your largest piece of furniture or your hardwood floors. 
  2. Add contrast. It’s okay to mix light wood and dark wood. You can choose a light, medium, and dark tone to mix.
  3. Match the undertones. Observe your dominant wood piece’s undertones. If it has warm undertones, match it with other warm woods.

Schedule A Home Staging Consultation

Staging natural wood in modern homes can make a lasting impression. We hope this inspires you to try using natural wood when staging your home. Would you rather leave it up to the experts? Consider hiring a staging company like MHM Professional Staging. Our talented team would love to help you present your home in the best light so you can sell your home quickly. Request a home staging consultation today!

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