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How to Create or Maximize a View

A beautiful view can be a huge asset to a home, so it's important to maximize it if you have one. If you don't, then there are plenty of ways to create one. Here are some tips for both scenarios! We all know that a beautiful view can make a home all the more appealing. However, the lack of one doesn’t have to take away from the beauty of the interior of your home. Even if your windows are pointed at a concrete wall, you can create a similar effect as a stunning view in your home with the right decor.

If you do happen to have a beautiful view, then it’s important ─ especially when selling your home ─ to make the most of it. Did you know that the wrong decorating can actually distract from the view and make it an afterthought in the space? You definitely don’t want that to happen!

The decorating tips and home staging tips in this post will help you create or maximize a view depending on your situation. These are applicable whether you’re staying in your home or staging it to sell to make it more appealing to guests and buyers alike.

Decorating Tips for Improving a View

To Create a View:

Hang Artwork
Wall art is a quick and effective way to draw the eye away from a bad view (or a lack of one). To simulate a view, choose a large piece of landscape photography of a place of your choice, such as a beach or city skyline. If you would prefer something more abstract, bring in a pop of color or an illustration that inspires you. That way, you will enjoy looking at it every time you are in the room.

If you are choosing art for home staging, click here for some guidelines to follow to make sure it will appeal to all buyers.

Hang Curtains
Even if your windows don’t display anything particularly pleasing, you can still make them a valuable asset to a room. Some beautiful window treatments will instantly spruce them up and make the space feel more complete. This is the perfect spot to bring in a pop of color or some pattern to create a statement that will distract from what’s on the other side. (If you’re selling your home, click here for tips on picking the right accent colors for home staging.)

Create Conversation Areas
Arrange the furniture so that the conversation areas are not directed at the windows. Instead, arrange them around another focal point in the room, such as a fireplace or entertainment center, so your guests’ attention is diverted away from the windows.

Decorate with Plants
When your views lack nature, create some yourself. If you have any yard space, you can plant some trees and colorful plants outside the windows to create a prettier view. If you live in an apartment or are otherwise unable to add plant life outside, then bring it inside. Place a tall, beautiful silk plant by the window and decorate with other smaller accents in the form of greenery and flowers throughout the space.

To Maximize a View:

Arrange the Furniture Around It
To make the most of a view, make sure the conversation areas are arranged around the view so that you can enjoy it while you’re hanging out there. This will also draw your eye towards the view as soon as you enter the space. The traffic flow should compliment rather than block the view.

Use Unobtrusive Window Treatments

Don’t drown out your view with bulky, colorful window treatments. Use lightweight, neutral colors to allow the view to shine. Anything too busy, heavy, or colorful will compete with the view and make for a confusing statement.

Paint the Walls a Light, Neutral Color
The walls in art galleries are always white because it draws your focus to the art itself and allows the colors to be seen in their most purest form. The same concept applies to a beautiful view. Keep the walls in a light, neutral color (if not white) to help the view stand out more in the space.

Trim Back the Trees
If there are any trees or shrubs impeding the view, trim those back so they aren’t a distraction. The landscaping should compliment rather than block your beautiful view.

For more home staging tips that will make your home more pleasing on the eye, click here to watch Megan’s free Home Staging Webinar.

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