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How to Spruce Up Your Hallways

Hallways looking a little drab? Try these easy decorating tips to spice up your hallway decor with some style. Hallways are often a forgotten space. Many people leave them empty but that can be a missed opportunity, particularly if it’s a larger one. A wide and/or long hallway can feel barren if left without any décor or special touches.

We recommend focusing on one or two accents when decorating a hallway. If you fill them up too much, they can appear cluttered and unbalanced. Less is more in this space. Try layering things in one by one to get a feel for how much your hallway can take and edit as necessary.

Here are some hallway decorating ideas to inspire you.

Hallway Decorating Tips

Hang Artwork

The quickest way to transform a “blah” hallway is to hang some beautiful artwork. Since hallways typically have long, blank walls, this is the perfect place to hang one large, eye-catching piece of art. Similarly, a hallway is also a great place for a gallery wall. Depending on the art you choose, you may not need anything else going on around it.

If you are staging a home for sale, click here to see our guidelines for choosing the appropriate art for home staging.

Transform the Walls

Make a bold statement by painting or wallpapering the walls with a beautiful color or pattern. You can either do one accent wall or both sides, depending on how dramatic you would like to go and how much space there is. In home staging, we don’t recommend this tip, but if you are decorating your own home, this can be an excellent way to do something special with a hallway.

Transform the Ceiling

Many people forget all about the ceiling, but you can think of it like another wall. It is full of design possibilities, especially since a hallway ceiling is typically confined from other spaces. You can transform it with an accent color or wallpaper to give it a striking effect. While we don’t recommend this in home staging, it can be beautiful in a permanent residence.

Create a Vignette

A console table with some pretty décor will instantly warm up a wide, empty hallway. You can hang a piece of art or a mirror over it and decorate it with a few accent pieces to bring character to the space.

Lay Down a Runner

Another easy way to bring warmth to a hallway is with a runner. For home staging, we recommend working with something neutral, but in your own home you can opt to play with color, pattern and texture. A coastal home, for example, would look great with a natural fiber runner. If you want to brighten the hallway with a pop of color, consider something with a colorful pattern.

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