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Easy Ways to Bring Glamour to a Space

Love the look of modern glamour decor? Try these easy decorating tips to infuse this look into any space in your home.A very popular look right now is modern glamour decor. This look is a beautiful balance between a streamlined appeal and luxurious touches. It is not about being ostentatious; it is about adding a subtle flair of luxury to an otherwise clean and modern space.

We love to use this look in home staging because it one that appeals to a wide variety of people, regardless of gender. When you hit the right note, this style has an easy sense of elegance that is chic, yet livable.Black and white is a popular palette for this look with pops of

Black and white is a popular palette for this look with pops of color as accents. However; you can use more color, too, if you balance it correctly. (We recommend sticking with neutrals for home staging.)

Here are a few easy ways to incorporate a look of modern glamour into your home:

Modern Glamour Decorating Ideas

Reflective Surfaces

Anything with a reflective surface can elevate the glamour in a space, particularly mirrors and metallic finishes. You don’t necessarily need to decorate with diamonds or crystals to get the effect of glamour, especially if you want to capture a more modern appeal. For instance, a gold coffee table will add a chic touch to a living room without looking ostentatious or too feminine. Similarly, mirrors look great in hallways, entryways, or even over a fireplace. They also will help make the space feel larger and more open.

Rich Textures

Certain textures have an inherently luxurious appeal, such as faux fur and other soft fabrics. A sofa in a high-quality fabric with tufting or other luxurious details is a way to make a big statement of glamour. For smaller accents, incorporate a faux fur rug, pillows in beautiful fabrics, or a throw over the corner of the sofa. Leather is another rich texture that has a more masculine appeal, which is perfect for the sofa, an accent chair, or an ottoman.

Light Fixtures

An easy way to instantly add glamour to any space is to switch out the light fixture. Chandeliers are usually thought of only for the dining room, but they can be used in just about any other room, too, to give it an unexpected dose of glamour, such as a bathroom, bedroom, home office, or even the kitchen. Your table and floor lamps can also get an upgrade. Choose lamps with a reflective surface or metallic texture paired with a simple shade.

Plants + Flowers

We always advocate for adding greenery to your home’s décor. Plants and flowers look great in any space, regardless of style, and always add a touch of elegance. With so many options to choose from, they can help bring glamour in a way that is natural and suits the look you are going for. For example, palm fronds look great in a glamorous coastal space, while orchids are perfect for a more contemporary space.

Strike a Balance

The most important part of capturing a look of modern glamour in your home is striking the right balance. Modern décor is all about clean lines and simplicity. To bring glamour, you want to add luxurious textures, reflective surfaces, and beautiful accents. There should be a nice balance between the two looks. With modern glamour, everything should feel subtle and comfortable. Take your time to edit your décor.

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