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Home Staging Webinar: Exterior Upgrades

Curb Appeal Exterior Upgrades

  • How to look at your home’s curb appeal through a buyer’s eye to spot what exterior upgrades or improvements it needs
  • Quick tips on maximizing your curb appeal
  • How to use landscape lighting to increase the ambiance and appeal of your home
  • How to create a more inviting entryway with easy, budget-friendly décor
  • And how to evaluate your front door to make sure it’s in tip-top shape
  • Buyers have time to notice everything when they pull up to the curb or driveway. Their eyes will be anxiously taking everything in. While as homeowners we usually head right inside without giving our front yard curb appeal much thought, buyers will be seeing everything for the first time and therefore closely examining things that we typically walk right by. This means even the “smallest” details can have a big impact on buyers, from cracks in the driveway to rusted fixtures on the front porch. In this webinar, Megan outlines the specific spots to evaluate and what exterior upgrades will make the biggest difference in your curb appeal. You’ll learn what to look for that buyers will notice consciously or subconsciously, what you should freshen up, and what you should potentially replace. Some projects only require a little bit of elbow grease to make a big difference. Watch this episode of Megan’s free Home Staging Webinar to learn how to evaluate and improve your home’s curb appeal to make the best impression possible on potential buyers.]]>

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