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Home Staging Webinar: Make or Break Areas

Home Staging Webinar Make or Break

When house hunting, every buyer has a list of things their new home must have. On it, buyers will often list things like a minimum number of bedrooms, a backyard of a certain size, or a two-car garage. While the specifics vary from buyer to buyer, there are certain rooms in a home that important to every person that’s out there looking. They are the critical areas that have an effect on every sale. Because they can literally secure or ruin a sale, we call these areas the make or break areas of a home.

Home staging can play a vital role in making sure these areas look their best and impress buyers. Home Gain recently surveyed 2,500 realtors and found that staging can increase the total price of your home by of an average of $3,000 to $4,000. One of the biggest reasons for this is because home staging focuses on highlighting the areas that we know buyers are going to pay the most attention to.

In this episode of Megan’s free Home Staging webinar, she will show you:

  • What the 3 most important “make or break areas” are in every home and what buyers are looking for in each one
  • The significant investments that can give you a massive return when selling your home
  • The simpler updates that can also give you a large return without spending much money or effort
  • And detailed tips on how to improve each of the make or break areas with décor so that they not only appeal to buyers, but inspire them to put in a great offer

Understanding what buyers look for in these areas is a crucial step in giving your home its best chance at making a sale. Most homes can use at least some improvement in these areas. In some cases, a larger investment is required to bring them up to par, but more often than not some smart cosmetic changes and redesign can make a huge difference. Megan talks about both scenarios in this episode.

You want buyers to not only like your home, but also to connect emotionally with it. This distinction will bring you faster sales and higher bids. In the video, you’ll learn how to tap into what will impress buyers in each make or break area so they aren’t getting caught up in design-related questions and are instead focusing on the positives of the property. Megan goes over using color, light, furniture arrangement and other easy staging tips to ensure your home makes a great first impression where it counts.

Watch our Home Staging Webinar: Make or Break Areas and make sure your home’s most important areas are helping you secure the best possible sale!

A beautiful home sells faster.

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