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7 Tips for Staging a Home with Pets

Pets are an amazing part of our lives, but unfortunately many home buyers see signs of pets as turn-offs in a listing. here are 7 tips to help your home appeal to all buyers. | #realestate #homeselling #stagingPets are a wonderful part of our lives. For pet owners, having them in our homes makes the environment feel even warmer and more comfortable. Unfortunately, though, there are a lot of buyers that feel differently. A home with pets can be an instant turn-off for buyers who don’t have pets and assume homes that do aren’t as in good of shape as one that doesn’t.

That’s why realtors always recommend removing any signs of pets from your home when it goes on the market. While this can be a little inconvenient, it is worth it in the long run to keep the pool of buyers for your home as large as possible. You don’t want to give them any reason to pass on the listing.

Here are 7 things you can do to stage a home with pets so it appeals more to all potential buyers:

  1. Get rid of any stains or damages from pets. Over time, things happen ─ your puppy might have had an accident on the carpet that left a stain or chewed up some of the baseboards or blinds, or perhaps your cats took their claws to your bedroom carpet or your sofa. Any damages, big or small, should be repaired before buyers start touring your home. If they see any blemishes, it could leave potential buyers under the impression that the home hasn’t been well-cared for.
  2. Vacuum the floors every day. Pets shed a lot and it’s likely that you’ve become accustomed to seeing it on your floors and other surfaces. Potential buyers will notice any loose hair, especially if it gathers in the corners of the walls or along the baseboards. Vacuum really well at least once a day, if not twice a day, to make sure there isn’t any pet dander floating around.
  3. Clean out your vents. They will trap a lot of the pet hair, both inside the vent and along the grating on the outside. Wipe them down and replace the filters with new ones that are specially made to handle pet dander.
  4. Air out the house and neutralize the scent. Everyone becomes used to the unique smell of their home to the point of becoming totally unaware of what it smells like to an outsider. If you have pets, chances are there are traces of them in the odor of the home. Open the windows every day to air it out and make sure you do a really good, deep cleaning. If it’s been a while since it’s been deep-cleaned, consider calling in professional cleaner to really neutralize the house. Even a clean home can benefit from a special deep clean before it goes on the market. It makes a big difference.
  5. Hide any pet items from view. Things like bowls, toys, leashes, crates, bedding and cat litter should be hidden or taken out of the house completely while it’s being shown. Any signs of pets can be a huge red flag to buyers.
  6. Clean up your yard. If you let your dog roam freely in the backyard and don’t regularly clean up after them, it’s important that you do so while the home is on the market. Buyers need to be able to walk through the yard without having to worry about stepping in anything. Pets can also be known to dig up grass or run through the garden and disturb things like mulch and flower beds, so make sure everything is fresh and in tip-top shape.
  7. Remove photos of pets. Just as we recommend removing any personal photos from the home, that includes your furry family members. Even if your home looks and smells wonderful, some buyers will still be turned off if they see evidence of a pet living there in a photo of your dog lying on your bed or sitting on the couch. It’s best to put these away until you get to your next home.

Follow these pet-friendly home staging tips to give your home its best chance at impressing all potential buyers.

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