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How to Make Closet and Cabinet Space Appear Larger When Selling a Home


When house hunting, storage space is an important factor to home buyers. To make sure your cabinets and closets look as large as possible, follow these simple staging tips.Storage space is key for most buyers when they are house hunting. Buyers will peek into closets and cabinets to see how much space is available and if it isn’t up to par with their expectations, it can be a huge strike against the listing.

Even if you have lots of cabinet and closet space, using it ineffectively can actually make those areas look smaller. There are tricks you can do to maximize this space so buyers walk away impressed rather than disappointed by what they saw.

Staging Tips for Closets and Cabinets

Clear out the clutter

Like in the rest of your home, the first step is to get rid of anything you don’t want or need. Go through every closet and cabinet in your home and pull out the items that are expired, no longer in good shape, or that you haven’t used in a long time. Create three piles: toss, donate and sell.

There may be some items you can recycle or that need to be disposed of in a certain way, such as medication or certain household cleaners. Check into the proper ways to get rid of them before simply tossing them.

Pack up what you don’t need

There may be some items that you do want to keep but don’t need to have around the house while it’s on the market, such as seasonal clothes, décor or dishware. To make space in the closet or cabinet, pack up these items and store them elsewhere, such as in a storage unit or under the bed. The less that is stored in these areas, the larger they will seem to buyers.

Organize by category

Once you’ve cleared out everything that doesn’t need to be there, it’s time to organize it. The easiest way to do this is to arrange it all by category. Not only does it make it look more appealing, but it also makes it easier to find what you’re looking for. In a closet, you can take it a step further by organizing the clothes by color, then by category.

Use attractive bins, baskets, and boxes

To corral small items, use pretty bins, baskets, and boxes. You can then label them to make it extra easy to find whatever you need. It also makes the closet or cabinet look a lot cleaner and more streamlined as opposed to a ton of items of different shapes, sizes, and colors crowding the shelves.

Install shelving

The space in a cabinet or closet can be optimized with shelving. For a cabinet, you can purchase small shelves you can insert and move around without any installation process. They make it a lot easier to organize things in a bathroom or kitchen cabinet, for example, to give you more vertical storage space.

As for a closet, such as a linen closet, consider installing some shelving if it doesn’t have any. This will make the closet appear to have a lot more storage space because buyers will look at all the shelf space rather than the small square footage of the closet itself.

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