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Selling in the Summer: 5 Tips to Keep Buyers Comfortable in Hot Weather

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House hunting can take a lot out of you when it's hot outside. Follow these tips to keep buyers comfortable and make your home more appealing. While the summer is fun for a lot of reasons, the hot weather can be uncomfortable at times, especially if you are house hunting. Going from home to home can take a lot out of you. As a seller, you can help buyers feel more comfortable and make your home more appealing by doing a few extra, simple things that go a long way.

Follow these hot weather staging tips to help your home stand out from the crowd.

Hot Weather Staging Tips

Make sure the AC set to a comfortable temperature

First and foremost, make sure your air conditioner is set to a cool, comfortable temperature. Keep in mind that they will be walking in from the heat, so it should be a little crisp inside to help them cool off, but not too cold that they end up shivering while touring the home. Turn on fans to help circulate the air, especially ones hanging in outdoor areas.

Offer snacks and water

Walking through different houses can be very tiring, especially in hot weather. Show you care by offering snacks and water to buyers to hydrate them and give them some energy. If a buyer is fatigued, they’re going to automatically be less enthusiastic about a home. They’re also going to miss certain details because they aren’t fully focused. By putting out some snacks for buyers, not only do you create a positive sense of home, but you also put them in a better mindset.

Put out cold towels

Another way you can go the extra mile is to put out some chilled hand towels they can use to help them cool off. This is especially great during an open house in the summer. Keep a basket nearby that they can toss them into when they’re done.

Create shade in the backyard

Make your outdoor area more enticing by offering plenty of shade. If there is no shade, buyers may shy away from checking it out. Make it as inviting as possible by keeping the area cool and refreshing.

Incorporate a water element

The sound of water has a calming effect and also gives us the feeling of being refreshed. Tap into a buyer’s subconscious by placing a fountain in your outdoor area and perhaps even one inside the home near the entryway. It doesn’t have to be large; a small fountain on a surface like a console table or hanging on the wall outside will create the feeling of an oasis that is a reprieve from the hot sun.

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