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How to Make a Small Bedroom Look Bigger to Buyers


If you're worried about the small bedrooms in your home turning off buyers, follow these easy home staging tips to make them appear more spacious.It’s no hidden secret: most home buyers want plenty of space. If you have small bedrooms in your home, you may be worried that they won’t impress buyers, especially if one of them is the master bedroom.

Any bedroom can look appealing to buyers, even ones on the smaller side, if they are staged properly to maximize the space and show the potential in it. If you have a small bedroom you want to stage to look bigger, keep reading for some clever home staging tricks that will do the job.

Small Bedroom Staging Tips


The first step is to declutter the whole space. Put away anything that doesn’t need to be there, especially on the surfaces. This includes décor and personal things like jewelry. While you may love a lot of beautiful décor on your dresser and end tables, we recommend editing it down while the house is on the market so there is less visual clutter. You may even want to remove a piece of furniture or two, such as an armchair or vanity, to clear up some visual space.

Let the light in

Light always makes a space feel larger, so if your bedroom has a window, make sure there is nothing blocking the natural light from coming in. Keep the window treatments like and airy. For a bedroom without sufficient natural light, make sure there is plenty of artificial lighting to fill each corner and brighten it up.

Decorate with mirrors and reflective surfaces

A trick to making any space feel larger is to incorporate mirrors into the décor. They bounce light and trick you into thinking there is more space than there actually is. Besides traditional mirrors, you can also use reflective surfaces to create a similar effect. Shiny surfaces, such as metallic décor, bounce light and help open up the space.

Use a smaller bed and lightweight furniture

In a small bedroom, the bed can swallow up the space if it is too big. While your home is on the market, consider swapping out the bed for something smaller if this is the case. A king or queen may dwarf the room while a full or twin makes it look balanced and comfortable.

Keep the bedding light and bright

Dark bedding will absorb light and make the space look smaller, so we always recommend staging a bed with light-colored bedding. Use just a few pillows to make it look comfortable and luxurious without visually cluttering the space and use a comforter with a streamlined cut. Big, fluffy comforters will make the bed look wider and therefore, make the room look smaller.

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