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Watch Megan Morris on “You Have Real Estate” with Attorney Justin Clark

Megan Morris of MHM Professional Staging on You Have Real Estate with Justin Clark

Our founder and CEO, Megan Morris, was recently featured on real estate expert Justin Clark’s show, “You Have Real Estate.” On the show, Megan had the opportunity to explain what exactly home staging is and the value staging creates for homes on the market.

Home Staging Puts Money Back into Your Pocket

Vivian Lehman, a top realtor in Orlando who was also on the program, says that staging allows buyers to visualize themselves living in a home more easily than they could if the property was not staged. In her experience, staging lowers the average days on market for a property, which is critical when selling your home because selling as quickly as possible means more money in your pocket.

Megan and Vivian talked with Justin about how important it is to limit holding costs when selling a home. Your holding costs, also known as carrying costs, are the monthly costs you will incur when you hold onto a property that you are trying to sell. The longer your home sits on the market, the more money you lose to holding costs. When you choose to stage your home, you help ensure that your home will not sit on the market for weeks and months at a time.

Virtual Staging

On the show, Megan also discussed the additional services we offer here at MHM Professional Staging, including design consultations and virtual staging.

Virtual staging is a great option for houses that have been partially renovated. It helps the photos of your listing have a more cohesive feel to them so that the potential buyer can image the whole house in its finished form. Virtual staging is also a great option for homes that are in less densely-populated areas where showings will be few and far between.

Key Rooms to Stage in Your Home

Someone listening to the live show wrote in asking, “What are the key rooms to stage in your home?” Megan explained that the most important thing is the first impression a buyer has when walking into a home. So, if you are only going to stage part of your home, choose the area where you first walk in to maximize the impact and wow-factor a buyer experiences.

Setting the Standard in Home Staging

It is important to remember that not all staging companies are the same. MHM Professional Staging is an accredited staging company with decades of experience selling homes faster and for more money. Megan Morris is a widely-recognized home staging and design professional who regularly appears on the TV shows Zombie House Flipping and Ready Set Renovate! She has also written a book about staging that continues to circulate among realtors’ offices as an invaluable guide. Our staging team is trusted high-performing realtors and local and national homebuilders because they know our designers have their fingers on the pulse of current design trends. We use our decades of industry experience to make your home as desirable as possible.

Watch the Interview

Watch the full interview below to learn more about how home staging can give you a competitive edge when selling your home.

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