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Staging a Frankenzombie for Zombie House Flipping (S2 E4)

Zombie House Flipping main title

We love working with the crew on the A&E show Zombie House Flipping. The house featured in season two episode four was one of our favorites. Originally named “Frankenzombie” after its mismatched materials and funky layout, the house in this episode needed serious renovation work. Roof tiles were falling off the roof, wood was rotting in the laundry room, and the pipes were literally crumbling. Thankfully, the Zombie team was able to transform the house from a Frankenzombie into a fabulous home. With a little help from MHM Professional Staging, the freshly staged home brought in many interested buyers and several offers over list price.

About the Zombie House

The Frankenzombie house featured in the fourth episode of Zombie House Flipping season two is located in Winter Park near beautiful Lake Killarney. It has a converted garage that adds extra square footage to the home, but the initial layout was a little confusing. The two front doors stumped the team during their first visit, but after renovations and some smart landscaping design, it became crystal clear which door was meant for guests. Once the Zombie team completed their flip, they called in the professionals from MHM Professional Staging to put the finishing touches on the home.

Staging the Frankenzombie

The Zombie House Flipping crew replaced nearly everything in the former Frankenzombie house with new materials. This provided the perfect blank canvas for our staging team to create a beautiful and inviting interior. With a beautiful neutral paint color on the walls, we were able to bring in pops of color in furniture and artwork to accentuate some of the home’s more unique features.

In the Living Room

Living room of the Zombie House Flipping Frankenzombie home

In the living room, we found one of the most unique features of the home: an industrial accent wall with a corrugated metal backdrop and a bright, metal sign shaped like an arrow. We chose a lush brown velvet couch to complement the hip, eccentric vibe of the feature wall. Then, we added a striking gold and navy painting to balance out the room. Functional and nearly invisible, the glass coffee table was a perfect choice here because it didn’t block the sightline to the beautiful new french doors.

Living room of the Zombie House Flipping Frankenzombie home

In the Dining Room

We carried the funky vibe from the feature wall into the dining room by selecting two styles of dining chairs, square table settings, and unique centerpieces. When staging a home, we always aim to make the space feel warm and inviting. Setting the table is just one way to encourage buyers to imagine themselves living in the space.

Dining room of the Zombie House Flipping Frankenzombie home

In the Kitchenette

Tucked away beyond the dining room is a kitchenette. To help make this small space stand out, we brought in comfortable lavender chairs and bright yellow napkins to create contrast and visual interest. No table is complete without a centerpiece; a simple vase and white flowers were all this table needed to turn the kitchenette into an appealing bonus space.

Kitchenette of the Zombie House Flipping Frankenzombie home

In the Kitchen

The kitchen in the Zombie House Flipping Frankenzombie home incorporated trendy, open shelving and dark cabinets. Adding just a few pops of green, yellow, and white made a huge difference in the overall feel of the room.

Kitchen of the Zombie House Flipping Frankenzombie home

In the Master Suite

Every master suite needs a big, cushy bed and stylish bedframe. Pulling from the darker accent colors throughout the home, we chose a plush, olive green headboard and light blue bedding. These color choices also matched the dark accent wall in the master bedroom so that the whole room felt cohesive.

Master bedroom of the Zombie House Flipping Frankenzombie home
Master bathroom of the Zombie House Flipping Frankenzombie home

The master bathroom tile was yet another unique element of the home. Combining shades of brown, taupe, and blue isn’t most people’s first choice for a color scheme. Yet the Zombie crew pulled it off in the master bathroom by added copper accents and black matte plumbing fixtures. All this room needed was a few fresh towels and a small plant to bring it to life.

In the Guest Bedrooms

Guest bedroom of the Zombie House Flipping Frankenzombie home

The guest bedrooms were clean and expertly finished, but without any furniture, they were sorely lacking in character. Using aqua and teal in the first guest room helped to tie it into the funky vibe of the rest of the home. We especially loved putting our chalice-shaped nightstands to use!

In the second bedroom, we couldn’t resist staging the space as a nursery. This is a great way to help young couples envision the house as their home. It was also a fun way to congratulate Ashlee from the Zombie crew on her own little addition to the Zombie family! Bright accent colors gave the nursery a happy, joyful vibe, while minimal furniture made the room feel more spacious.

Nursery of the Zombie House Flipping Frankenzombie home

In the Great Room

You hear a lot of puns on Zombie House Flipping; one of the best puns about the Frankenzombie house was that the great room was… not so great. Originally covered floor to ceiling in wood paneling and red paint, the great room got a complete makeover. The finished product is a great room that actually feels great to be in.

Great room of the Zombie House Flipping Frankenzombie home

Neutral walls and strategic furnishings transformed the room into a modern living space that welcomes guests to stay awhile. Touches of blue and gold help tie the entire home’s color palette together in a sophisticated and modern way.

of the Zombie House Flipping Frankenzombie home

Watch Us on Zombie House Flipping!

We loved staging the Frankenzombie for the Zombie House Flipping crew. Be sure to watch season two episode four for the full story on how they transformed the Frankenzombie into a beautiful home. Sign in to your TV Provider to watch Zombie House Flipping online.

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