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5 Beautiful Neutral Paint Colors for Walls

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Looking for the perfect neutral paint color? Here are 5 of our favorites, ranging from white and gray to tan, that you can use for decorating or home staging.Right now, neutral paint colors are shining more than ever. Neutrals have never gone out of style because they are, by definition, classics, but people are embracing them in a big way at the moment. The upside is that, while neutrals are trending, they are not “trendy” because they are timeless, so you never have to worry about them going out of style.

In home staging, we particularly appreciate neutrals because they help highlight a home’s best features and allow home buyers to envision their own furniture and décor over it.

In decorating, neutrals paint colors are great because they are elegant and allow you the flexibility to change up your décor for the seasons or whenever you get the itch for something fresh.

If you are looking for neutral paint color ideas for walls, whether it’s for decorating or home staging, we’ve put together five of our favorite suggestions.

Neutral Paint Color Ideas for Walls

Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore

Pale Oak is a soft, elegant neutral that falls right into the “greige” category, being a perfect blend of gray and beige. It’s a lovely, fresh color that is a great choice if you want a true neutral.

Agreeable Gray by Sherwin-Williams

Agreeable Gray is soft and elegant like Pale Oak, only it is decidedly gray in color. It has a chic, clean appeal that is perfect if you are looking for a light gray paint color.

Manchester Tan by Benjamin Moore

If you love a tan neutral, then Manchester Tan is a great choice. It’s a sandy shade similar to khaki that looks great on walls and brings some warmth to a space without appearing too dark.

Statuesque by Behr

Statuesque is a pretty off-white paint color for anyone who wants a soft white that leans towards gray. It has a classic appeal with a contemporary touch.

Ellie Gray by Sherwin-Williams

For a deeper gray, Ellie Gray is a beautiful choice. It’s great for creating contrast, such as with white molding, while still having the subtle effect of a neutral.

Whenever you are choosing paint colors for walls, be sure to test them in the room first in small swatches to see how they interact with the room’s lighting. Paint colors can look completely different depending on the room and the light that it gets. Check in throughout the day before committing to it. Thankfully, though, even if you end up not liking it once it’s on all the walls, it’s easy enough to paint over it!

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