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How to Make Your Home Stand Out During the Summer

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Summer is the most competitive time of year to sell a home. Take advantage of these savvy home staging tips to give your listing an edge on the competition.Spring and summer are the most popular seasons of the year in which to sell a home. There are a lot of buyers looking to move during that time, which also means there is a lot more inventory on the market, too. If you plan to list your home during the summer months, you’ll be facing a lot of extra competition.

Home staging gives your home an edge by increasing the perceived value and making it feel more welcoming. It also creates an emotional connection that gives buyers the confidence to put in an offer.

Follow these easy home staging tips for the summer to help your home sell faster and for more money during the most competitive time of year.

Summer Home Staging Tips

Let the light in

Light is an important factor when selling a home. It makes it feel larger, more open, and all-around more appealing. This is especially true during the summer when everyone wants to be out in the sun and enjoy the uplifting vibe of the season. Cut back any trees or plants that are blocking light from the windows, use light-colored and lightweight window treatments, and install artificial light in any dark rooms or corners where needed.

Add color to your curb appeal

Summer is full of bright, vivid colors that capture the spirit of the season. Take advantage of this by incorporating some new, colorful flowers into your landscaping to spruce up your curb appeal. If you don’t want to plant anything new, purchase some pots and fill them with flowers instead so you can take them with you when you move. The area around the front door especially benefits from some beautiful flowers to create a great first impression.

Show off the outdoor living

If there is any outdoor space whatsoever, make sure you highlight it. Even if it’s a small balcony or patio, excite buyers with the idea of spending their summer out there by staging it with a table and chairs and/or a seating area. Use neutral furniture with colorful accents such as throw pillows and an area rug. If you have a dining area, set it with some pretty plates and a centerpiece.

Keep it cool

Summer brings warm temperatures and in some areas, especially here in Florida, it can get uncomfortably hot, especially for buyers who are getting in and out of their cars to tour homes. Make sure your AC is set to a comfortable temperature and offer some shade in the outdoor areas so they aren’t rushing to come back inside without getting a chance to appreciate all that your home has to offer. Turn on the ceiling fans, as well, to keep the area circulating.

Offer refreshments

During an open house, it’s a wonderful, welcoming gesture to offer some kind of treat to buyers to enjoy while they are touring your home. In the summer, a refreshing beverage is the best way to go. Put ice water in a glass beverage dispenser on a pretty tray with some paper cups and a little sign inviting guests to help themselves. You could also drop some lemons, lime, or berries into it for some extra flavor. It’s a nice gesture buyers will appreciate.

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