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How to Make Your Home Look More Polished

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Want to give your home a more polished and streamlined look like the pros do in magazines and your favorite rooms on Pinterest? Follow these easy tips you can implement in your home right away! One of the things that makes so many of today’s most popular rooms so beautiful is how polished and streamlined they are. They always look so “together.” The pros know that the secrets to a polished look are some simple tricks that go a long way.

The great thing about these decorating tricks is that anyone can do them. In fact, you can implement them right away in your own home and make your décor look more streamlined with just a few simple changes.

Try these easy decorating tips to make your home look more polished like the ones you see in the magazines.

Decorating Tips for a More Polished Home

Stick with a simple color palette

Polished, streamlined homes always stick to just a few colors so things don’t get too busy. The easiest option is to go with mostly neutrals and then accent them with one or two colors. Creating contrast will also make your décor look more polished, such as black against lighter colors or a bold color against a neutral backdrop.

Use minimal patterns

Patterns are great to use in design, but they can get busy very quickly if you use too many of them. If you are going for a more polished look, you’ll want to use them sparingly. Pick one or two complementary patterns that can make a statement rather than letting them get lost in a sea of patterns. To make your decorating more dynamic, incorporate some texture in solid colors to vary the design.

Embrace clean lines

You can instantly make a space look more upscale and streamlined when you emphasize straight lines. This means choosing furniture and accessories with evident lines, whether they’re in the shape of the piece (such as a low-profile sofa, modern entertainment center or rectangular tray) or within the design (such as artwork with lines in it). Then, you can soften them with textural accents and color.

Par down the clutter

Clutter comes in a variety of manifestations. There is everyday clutter that we accumulate, like mail on the counter or shoes by the door, but there is also decorative clutter. A more polished home avoids both. In terms of decorative clutter, this means paring down what is on your shelves and surfaces. Bookshelves can especially get cluttered, so keep what is on them to a minimum. The same goes for your surfaces, like the kitchen counter or end tables. Focus on a few statement pieces rather than lots of smaller pieces.

Use closed storage units

Take advantage of furniture that has closed storage (such as a low, stylish cabinet for an entryway) as much as possible. Open shelving can looks great for displaying décor, but too much of it will contribute to a more cluttered look. Opt for pieces that have doors and drawers to hide your storage. If you do have a lot of open shelving that you need to use but want a create a more streamlined look for, use stylish baskets, boxes, and magazine files.

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