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5 Accent Colors Perfect for Summer

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We love switching out our accent colors for the seasons. These 5 summer accent colors perfectly embrace the spirit of the season and bring it into your home. Summer is the most vibrant season of the year. It’s all about having fun, going on adventures, and spending time out in the sun. We love decorating our homes for the seasons so that we can fully embrace each one’s vibe and enjoy it fully, even when we’re at home. For the summer, it’s all about capturing that cheerful energy.

The easiest way to decorate for the seasons is to work with a main neutral palette and switch out accent colors. Things like accent pillows, throws, table settings, small pieces of décor, artwork, and even your bedding can help bring the spirit of the season into your home.

For summer, it’s all about bright and vibrant colors. Here are five of our favorites right now.

Summer Accent Colors

Navy Blue

Navy blue is a classic coastal color that is perfect for the summer. It’s a rich color that can be dramatic or relaxing depending on how you use it. In fact, it’s a perfect accent color for someone who wants to stay as close to neutrals as possible, because it can almost read as a neutral. It also pairs beautifully with a variety of colors.


Coral is another stunning coastal color that is vibrant and eye-catching. It’s a nice balance between red and pink that brings a lot of fun to a space. It’s typically used in feminine spaces, but you can also use it in gender-neutral décor if used sparingly and grounded by other colors.

Sunny Yellow

No color is quite as cheerful as a sunny yellow. It’s a great color to get you energized and ready for the long summer days. There are so many fun ways to incorporate this color into your décor, especially since it’s found in so many summer staples, including trendy pineapples.


Turquoise has been trending for a while now as a hot color for home décor, but it’s particularly apropos as a summer accent. This lovely color will have you dreaming of the beach and thinking of the relaxing sounds of the waves. It’s clean, refreshing, and chic.


For a glamorous touch, jade is a beautiful choice for a summer accent color. This shade of green has a hint of blue in it, cooling it down and creating an elegant, luxurious statement. It’s the perfect gender-neutral color that will make a statement in an effortless way.

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