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How to Make a Big Impact in a Small Bathroom

Stumped on how to make the most of a small bathroom? Try these easy decorating ideas to make your small bathroom more functional and stylish.Decorating a small space always has its challenges. It can seem like your options are limited, but in fact, there are often a lot more possibilities than meets the eye. Small bathrooms are common, especially in older homes, but they are capable of holding plenty of storage and even serving up a “wow” factor with their design.

Follow these decorating tips for a small bathroom to make even the tightest space as functional and stylish as possible.

Decorating Tips for a Small Bathroom

Install shelving

In a small room, it’s always smart to take advantage of vertical space. Shelving over the toilet, for example, will not only provide a nice visual element but also give you some extra storage space. Utilize pretty baskets to store toiletries and other items. You can even mix in some décor to add extra style to the shelves.

Choose a bold design element

A small bathroom is the perfect place in which to express your creativity and go with something dramatic. Because the space is small, a little goes a long way. This could be eye-catching tile work, wallpaper, a bold color on the walls or cabinetry, something special on the ceiling, or even a clawfoot tub.

Add luxury touches

Just because the space is limited doesn’t mean the feeling of luxury has to be. You can still create a spa-like atmosphere by bringing in luxury touches, like displaying designer soaps, hanging up plush white towels or rolling them up in a basket, placing a fluffy rug in front of the sink, decorating with candles, or putting a pretty tray over the bath tub.

Opt for a glass shower door or curved rod

To open up the visual space in a small bathroom, you can opt not to close off the shower by going with a glass door. If you do need to use a curtain, you can purchase a curved rod that offers a little more visual space and makes the bathroom feel less crowded by the curtain while still providing all the same benefits of one.

Expand the mirror

Mirrors are wonderful in small spaces. They reflect light and make the space feel larger. In some bathrooms, extending the mirror across the entire wall can open up the space and create the effect of it being much larger than it is. While it won’t suit every bathroom, it’s a great trick that can make a big impact in some. Frame it out to make it look more polished.

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