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Making a House Feel Like a Home with Plants

Flowers and plants are great ways to bring a warm, inviting touch to your home. Here are some decorating tips you can start implementing today, even on a budget! One of our favorite tricks for making a house or apartment feel more like a home is to incorporate nature into the decor. Flowers and greenery have an inherent elegance to them that looks great in any space regardless of style and improves the overall vibe of the home.

Whether you’re staging a home for sale or decorating your residence, plants will enhance the warmth of your decor. They instantly make a home feel more inviting and infuse color in a natural, understated way. This makes them even more perfect for home staging, which should always be based around a neutral palette with only subtle pops of colors.

Here are some easy ways to incorporate flowers and plants into your home to instantly make it more stylish.

Decorating or Staging a Home with Plants

The Front Door

One of the easiest ways to make your front door feel more inviting is to incorporate some flowers or greenery around it. Outside, a pot of colorful, fresh flowers can brighten things up and provide some charm to your curb appeal. Inside, you can fill an awkward corner by the door with a tall plant or flank the door with two plants if there is a lot of space on either side. Greenery can always be counted on to help make a warmer first impression.

The Entryway

Besides around the door, another great spot in which to incorporate plant life in your entryway is on a vignette. A potted plant fits perfectly on a console table. Orchids are a popular choice because of how tall and elegant they are, as are some kind of tropical greenery to bring in a more coastal feel, but you can choose whatever speaks to you and pair it with something small beside it, such as a stack of books with a sculpture on top. These looks are simple and chic.

Dining Room Table

No dining room table or breakfast nook is complete without the right centerpiece. Even when staging a home, we always set the table so it looks warmer and more inviting. The right centerpiece brings it all together and we usually opt for a bouquet that fits the size and scale of the table. It’s always an elegant choice that will give your dining room a more finished look.

Coffee Table

Leaving the coffee table bare is a missed opportunity to bring some more charm to your living room. We recommend keeping the decor simple, especially when you’re staging a home for sale. You can’t go wrong with a simple, elegant flower arrangement. You can opt to bring in a touch of color through the vase or let the flowers be the pop of color themselves.

Bookcase or Shelving

A small bouquet or green arrangement can fit perfectly onto a bookshelf and bring a touch of elegance to it. To keep shelving from having a cluttered look, leave plenty of negative space around the décor and use a few larger pieces, such as greenery, rather than several small ones to adorn it.

Bathroom Counter

To create a more luxurious and spa-like vibe in your bathroom, place some flowers on the vanity or in the corner of the tub. Even a small powder room can get a facelift from a small flower arrangement next to the sink.

Bedroom End Table

Spruce up the end table(s) in your bedroom with a lovely flower or plant. Finish it off with a clock or small stack of books for a beautifully staged (or decorated) surface that is elegant and chic.

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