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Decorating with a Designer Look for the Holidays

Want elegant and stylish holiday decor? Follow these easy tips for achieving a designer look in your Christmas decor!The holidays are officially in full force! If you haven’t started decorating yet, it’s definitely time to whip out the tree and garland. For us, decorating our homes is one of the most parts of the holiday season. It helps us get into the holiday spirit and enjoy it every day.

While it’s easy to stick with the same décor every year, you may be getting the itch to switch things up, or perhaps this is your first time decorating your own home. With all the options out there, it can get overwhelming. If you want to capture an elegant, designer appeal, we have some tips that will help you out.

Try these simple tips and ideas for designer holiday décor that you’ll love all season.

Designer Holiday Decorating Tips

Choose a simple color palette

Your holiday color palette will set the tone for your décor. For an elegant, designer look, opt for a neutral base such as white and then accent it with one or two main accent colors. The neutral base will give it a sense of sophistication, while the accent color will have the opportunity to pop in a dramatic, stylish fashion.

Incorporate greenery

Greenery always gives a home a sense of life and natural beauty, and that’s especially true during the holidays. Garland and other green accents not only bring a festive flair to décor but also an easy sense of elegance. Think of garland along the mantel and doorways, a lively centerpiece on a dining room table, and potted firs by the front door.

Go big

A few large pieces of décor have a more dramatic impact than several smaller ones. For a designer holiday look, stick with a “less is more” mentality. Each item will have more of an impact and your home will generally look more sophisticated, yet still very festive and charming.

Add a glow

Lighting is always important, but during the holidays, it especially helps set the mood. Use string lights, fairy lights, and candles to add a beautiful glow to various spots in your home. It will immediately put you in the holiday spirit when you flip on the lights at night and turn on some Christmas tunes.

Accent with metals

To add a touch of glamour, accent it with metals such as gold, silver, or rose gold. Just a few of these accents will elevate the style of your holiday décor, such as candlesticks, pillows, or metallic ornaments in a clear vase.

Cozy it up with faux fur

Faux fur always brings a sense of luxury and coziness to a space. Drape a faux fur throw over your sofa or add some faux fur pillows to your bed to capture the season in a glamorous way.

Mix modern with rustic or vintage

Some streamlined, modern décor mixed in with something of contrast, such as rustic or vintage pieces, will add character and charm to your home. Also, mix old with new, like family treasures with glamorous new décor. It personalizes it and also makes your décor more intriguing.

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