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5 Ways to Make a Room Brighter (Besides Lighting)

Does your home feel dark and drab? Try these 5 easy tricks to make your home brighter besides artificial lighting.One of the most common requests we hear from homeowners is to make their home feel “brighter.” For some homes, this can be a little trickier than others because of the placement of their house in relation to the sun, how many windows they do or don’t have, landscaping, and other factors.

Fortunately, there are some very easy ways to make any room feel brighter with just the decor. Artificial lighting is, of course, your greatest asset in making a space feel brighter. However, there are a lot of other elements that will help along with the right artificial lighting and make the effect even greater.

Here are 5 ways to make a space feel brighter with decorating:

How to Make a Room Brighter

1. Paint the Walls a Light Color

In a small or dark space, the quickest way to brighten it up is by painting the walls in a light color. Dark colors, even medium shades, will absorb the light and make it feel smaller than it is. If you do want to use a bold or dark color, paint it on one accent wall and leave the rest light.

2. Use Lightweight Window Treatments

Opt for not only light-colored window treatments, but lightweight ones, as well. A light material will allow the light to travel through them and keep an overall feeling of lightness in the room. If you do want blackout curtains in the space, choose ones in a light color and pull them completely to the sides when they’re open, then layer sheers beneath them for privacy that doesn’t block light.

3. Reflect Light with Mirrors

Mirrors are some of the best tools to use in a dark and/or small space. Not only do they look great and come in a variety of styles, but they do a wonderful job of reflecting light. Place them opposite of your source of light, such as a window or artificial light, and it will bounce it back into the space.

4. Decorate with Light-Colored Furniture

Like the walls and window treatments, the color of your furniture is important, too. Large, dark pieces will make the space feel darker. Keep darker colors in your accents and choose light colors for the larger pieces so they don’t absorb all the light. Examples: the entertainment center and sofa in a living room, the bedding in a bedroom, the runner and console table in an entryway.

5. Accent with Metallics

Metallic accents work similar to mirrors by catching light and reflecting it back into the space. They almost seem to “glow” with light because of their sheen. There are lots of options for metallic accents, so they don’t have to be particularly glamorous or feminine if that’s not your style. Vintage copper accents, for example, work great in a masculine or rustic space but still capture the same effect.

If you have a small space you’d like to make feel larger, click here to see our tips on how to stretch a space.

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