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5 Simple Ideas for a Charming Fall Wreath

Put together your own charming fall wreath with these simple DIY ideas you can easily mix and match or put all together to create something stylish and beautiful for the season. Nothing says seasonal décor quite like a wreath. You can make them suit every season and holiday, so they’re a great way to make your home more festive regardless of the time of year.

For fall, a wreath seems especially fitting. If you haven’t hung up one on your door yet, we have five ideas for you to create your own do-it-yourself fall wreath using some simple elements. You can mix and match or use them all together. Either way, the results are sure to be charming.

Fall Wreath Ideas


A twig wreath is one of the most classic choices for fall. It provides some beautiful, rustic charm and makes it very easy to adorn it with various décor. They come in a variety of sizes and stains, and you can show as much or as little of the base of the wreath as you want. We liking allowing at least some of the twigs to show to add some nice texture to the display.


Burlap is a great textile to decorate with for fall. We love using it on a wreath as a bow or garland to add some depth to the display. You can find burlap in a variety of widths and some even come with quotes or designs on them if you want to add an extra decorative touch.

Seasonal foliage

Of course, flowers always look beautiful on a wreath. Adding seasonal foliage will bring life to the wreath and make it particularly festive. If you want to make it even more interesting, add elements like wheat, cattails, and cotton to it, too.

Acorns and pinecones

Contrasting textures create a more interesting display, so layer your softer elements (like the seasonal foliage) with rougher accents like acorns and pinecones for a versatile display full of character.

A wood sign

Finish it off with a charming wood sign with a nice word or saying painted in a lovely script, such as “be thankful” or “I love fall.” It’s an unexpected touch that will make it extra special.

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