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5 Reasons to Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets White

Want to make your kitchen look great and have great value for resale? White kitchen cabinets are the way to go. Here are 5 major benefits and why they're such a smart choice.When it comes to a kitchen, the cabinets are the stars of the show. They have a huge impact on the way the space looks and feels. Whether you’re building a home or remodeling one, it’s important to get the kitchen cabinets right. One choice with which you can’t go wrong? White cabinets.

White kitchen cabinets are a classic choice that has never gone out of style. They have a wide range of benefits that inspire many people to opt for a white kitchen.

Here are 5 benefits to consider before building a home, remodeling your kitchen, or staging your home for sale.

The Benefits of White Kitchen Cabinets

Resale value

If you are staging your home for sale, white kitchen cabinets are a great way to go because white kitchens are the most popular among buyers. Not only are they classic and timeless so they will never look outdated, but they suit a wide range of styles which means most buyers will be able to incorporate their own taste and décor around them effortlessly. If your current cabinets are dated, you can easily and inexpensively paint them white to give them an instant facelift.

Makes the space feel larger

Light colors bounce light and make a space feel larger, while dark colors absorb light and do the opposite. That’s why white kitchens always feel large and spacious. If you have a small and/or dark kitchen, white cabinets are a great choice because they will counteract those negatives and open the space up. You can always create contrast and incorporate color with smaller elements like the backsplash and accessories.

Easy to switch out décor

As we just mentioned, it’s easy to incorporate any color and décor into a white kitchen because everything goes with it. By keeping the large elements neutral, like the cabinets, you have the freedom to switch out the décor as often as you please. This is especially helpful during the holidays. No matter what color you feel like decorating with, it will match!

Looks clean and streamlined

White kitchens always look the cleanest and most streamlined. In a space where you want to prepare and cook food, a clean workspace is inspiring and motivating. It’s a big reason why white kitchens appeal so highly to buyers, even in pre-owned homes.

Fits every style

Regardless of your preferred decorating style, a white kitchen can fit right in. It suits everything, including modern, traditional, contemporary, rustic, farmhouse, and even glamorous styles. It’s all about the details and décor that you put around the cabinets that determine the final style of the kitchen.

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