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What to Do with Gym Equipment When Staging a Home for Sale


Gym equipment can be an eyesore, so follow these home staging tips to make sure your home gym set-up won't be a turn-off to potential buyers when selling your home.For those of us who don’t like going to the gym (or aren’t able to go on a regular basis), having fitness equipment in our home is a great way to stay in shape. However, when our home is up for sale, it’s beneficial to make certain changes to the way we live in it in order to make it look as appealing as possible to potential buyers.

This includes getting rid of or at the very least staging our gym equipment while the home is on the market.

Gym equipment can be a big eyesore and make rooms appear a lot smaller than they actually are. Below are some home staging tips on what to do with gym equipment to give your home its best chance at impressing buyers.

Home Staging Tips for Gym Equipment

Remove it from main living areas

Gym equipment can be an eyesore, especially larger pieces like treadmills and weightlifting stations. In an area like a living room, dining room or bedroom, equipment will look especially out of place and unappealing. They take up a lot of space, making the room feel smaller. Most buyers struggle to visualize how furniture can fit into a space, so if there is large gym equipment taking up a corner or entire side of the room, they may think their own furniture won’t be able to fit.

We recommend keeping gym equipment out of living areas while the home is on the market.

Consider staging your home gym with a different purpose

If you’ve dedicated a spare bedroom or flex space (such as a loft or bonus room) to a home gym, you may want to consider staging that room with a different purpose to appeal more to buyers. It helps buyers to be able to really see how they would use the space, such as a bedroom, game room or home office.

As we mentioned, gym equipment can make the room feel smaller, so the ideal scenario is to stage it in a way a buyer will be able to easily visualize their own furniture and lifestyle in it.

If you keep your home gym, stage it to look great

In some cases, removing your gym equipment while your home is on the market may not be practical. That’s okay – you can still stage the space to look great. If the walls are a bright color, tone them down with a nice neutral. Make sure the equipment is arranged in the most appealing way to show off the space and create an easy traffic flow. Organize everything, such as putting hand weights on some nice shelves.

Since gym equipment is very cold and harsh in terms of aesthetic, introduce some softer elements into the space such as a pretty area rug and nice art on the walls.

Keep it clean and smelling nice

Give the room and all of the equipment a deep, thorough cleaning and then continue to wipe it down every time you use it. Put everything away after use. Smell can be a problem in a home gym, so keeping it clean will help combat that. Be sure to air it out every day, as well, and introduce some sort of fragrance if needed like candles or air fresheners.

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