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Home Staging Webinar: Awkward Spaces

Awkward spaces are very common in homes. Most homes have at least one spot that can be classified this way, whether it’s an oddly shaped entryway, a niche, a hallway, a loft, a breakfast nook or any other space people just aren’t sure what to do with. Whether you’re living there or planning to put…
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How to Make Your Next Event the Best Ever

Are you planning an event at your home soon ─ such as a party, wedding or reception ─ and aren’t sure where to begin? As professional home stagers, we hear questions like this often. We have also had the pleasure of staging a variety of special events over the years. Today, we’re going to shed some light…
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Home Staging Secrets: How to Use Color Effectively

Color is key when it comes to decorating or staging a home. How you use color can affect the entire feel of a home and dictate the emotions of guests or buyers as they walk through it. There is a lot of power in the psychology of color. It’s important to keep this in mind…
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Featured Staged Listing: 1661 Oneco Avenue (Parade of Homes)

Our Featured Staging Listing this month is a Parade of Homes entry for 2016. The Winter Park property is a beautiful and spacious home that is perfect for a growing family. It features 4 bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, as well as an open floor plan with large living areas. The gorgeous eat-in kitchen with a…
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DIY Design

Home Staging Webinar: DIY Design

One of the best ways to accomplish chic, affordable decorating is to incorporate DIY projects into your home. A little creativity can go a long way. DIY design will not only help you save a lot of money, but it also provides a personalized touch that will add and character charm to your space. We…
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How to Freshen Your Home for Spring

Spring is here, and for millions of Americans across the country, that means one thing: it’s time for spring cleaning! If your home is currently on the marketing or if you are planning to sell in the near future, it’s even more important that your home look its best. The best places to start are…
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is home staging worth it

Is Home Staging Right for You?

If your home is on the market, you’ve probably considered every strategy by which you can sell your house quickly and for the highest price possible. Whether that means hiring a great realtor, passing out pamphlets to everyone who will take one, or taking out ads in the local newspaper—you’re willing to consider anything that…
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Bedroom Art

How to Choose the Right Art for Home Staging

When staging a home to position it well for sale, making sure that you have the appropriate artwork on your walls is critical. You might already know that color appeals to certain psychological triggers for emotion – blues are typically calming colors, while reds indicate excitement and passion. While that plays an important role in…
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Curb Appeal Exterior Upgrades

Home Staging Webinar: Exterior Upgrades

Curb appeal is the most important part of staging a home before it goes on the market. It is the first impression potential buyers will get when they drive up to the property, so you want it to start things off on a positive note. The quality of the exterior reflects the owner and what…
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Bathroom Staging

Home Staging Webinar: Bathroom Staging

The master bathroom is meant to be one of the most relaxing spaces in a home. It’s where you start your day and where you go to refresh and unwind at the end of it. When you are staging a home for sale, it’s important to keep these things in mind to get the desired…
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