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Home Staging Webinar: Staging Shelves & Surfaces

Shelves and Surfaces

In today’s competitive real estate market, home staging is one of the best, most effective ways to get your home sold faster and for top dollar. We have personally witnessed homes that were sat on the market for months, getting no interest from buyers, be transformed by staging and then watch as the offers pour in.

Home staging speaks to buyer psychology and highlights your home’s best features.

To show that anyone can stage their home successfully, Megan Morris has put together a special free home staging webinar for anyone who wants to sell their home. Each installment will offer great home staging tips and tricks on how to make your home appeal to buyers. These staging tips will make it easy for you to transform you home quickly and affordably, and will even teach you how to improve the décor of the home you plan to live in.

Staging Shelves and Surfaces

For the first installment of the home staging webinar, Megan will guide you through staging tips for your shelves and decorative surfaces. These areas are often the most cluttered in your home. Even if the clutter is restricted to just these spots, they can have a large impact on making the home feel “messy” or even smaller than it is. They can be very distracting to buyers and pull their attention away from the home’s best qualities.

With Megan’s staging tips in this video, you will see how easy it is to transform these spaces so they help make your home even more desirable.

In the Shelves & Surfaces video, Megan will show you how to:

  • Declutter your shelves and surfaces
  • Choose the right décor to use from your own collection
  • Arrange your décor in a visually appealing way

These house staging tips will also teach you how to keep things neutral while still capturing your own style in these vignettes. The best part is that you can use décor you already own. You don’t have to spend a dime to make these areas look great. Megan’s advice will show you how to go through your own home to find exactly what you need to improve your displays and put them together in a way that will look stylish and intentional.

Watch the video now to see how you can give your bookcases, shelves, and surfaces an easy makeover using some quick and simple staging tips.

A beautiful home sells faster.

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