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Home Staging Webinar: Kitchen Staging

Kitchen Staging

In this week’s episode of Megan’s free Home Staging Webinar, she focuses on one of the most important rooms in a home: the kitchen.

Kitchens are typically thought of as the most expensive and time-consuming room to improve in a home, but there are actually lots of easy and affordable ways to give it a makeover. Staging a kitchen doesn’t necessarily have to be a costly project. While there are some exceptions, in our experience most kitchen just need a little sprucing up to make them look great to both the homeowner and potential buyers.

In this kitchen staging video, Megan shows you:

  • What the most important aspect of the kitchen is to buyers and what they are looking for when they walk into one
  • How to stage your kitchen cabinets and surfaces to appeal to buyers
  • Easy and inexpensive kitchen décor ideas
  • What areas you should consider updating if they are too damaged or outdated
  • How to choose the right colors for your kitchen
  • And some simple ways to update your kitchen that are quick, easy and affordable

Megan starts the video by outlining some guidelines to follow when choosing the right décor for kitchen staging. She takes you through the do’s and don’ts so you will know exactly what to focus on to make your kitchen appeal more to buyers.

One of the most important features of your kitchen is the countertop. Not only does she show you how to call attention to it by staging kitchen countertops the right way, but she also discusses how to rejuvenate the material you already have or, if needs to be updated, how to choose a new kitchen surface that is right for you.

Megan offers some alternative countertop ideas for someone who wants to think outside of the box beyond the more common surfaces like granite. Some are less expensive options that still offer a very luxurious, appealing style. If you do want to stick with granite, you’ll get some great tips on how to bring out its beauty with the addition of some simple kitchen décor.

There are some great ideas in the video for easy and inexpensive DIY kitchen décor you can put together in an afternoon. She’ll show you how to bring characters to the cabinets and surfaces to appeal to buyers and even make the space feel larger.

While most kitchens can be made beautiful with just a few simple changes, there are some instances where a larger investment needs to be made. In the video, you’ll find out what areas you should definitely update if they are too damaged or outdated to make the best impression on buyers, as well as how to do so on a budget. Megan also covers what colors to choose when staging a kitchen and what to consider when choosing the right colors for your next home.

To learn all about Megan’s best kitchen staging tips, watch the video now!

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