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Top 5 DIY Resources for Home Staging

Want to make your home appeal more to buyers without spending a lot? Check out these 5 budget-friendly home staging resources!Home staging is gaining more and more popularity as people realize the proven benefits of this strategy. As a home staging company in Central Florida, we have seen it work countless times and know how truly valuable it can be.

But for some homeowners, the investment in professional home staging can be a bit overwhelming. While you always get back that investment when the home sells, some homeowners simply don’t have the room in their budget for it. Thankfully, DIY home staging can be just as effective ─ and a fraction of the cost.

We have put together a list of five DIY home staging resources that will help you get your home ready for the competitive real estate market and give you the edge you’ll need to get it sold faster and for top dollar.

Top 5 DIY Home Staging Resources

1) Stageology

Stageology: How to Stage to Sell is a guide written by Megan Morris that takes you through the step-by-step process of staging a home for sale. In it, she shares all of her best home staging tips and techniques that she has found to be the most effective at selling a home faster and for more money. It’s a crash course that is perfect for homeowners and real estate professionals alike.

If you’re on a budget, you can pick up this book (available in hard copy, digital copy, or audio) to find out the most important things you need to know about home staging to make your home more appealing to home buyers. Click here to get your copy now.

2) Professional Cleaner

While we definitely believe it is possible to get your home ready for the market without having to hire many people to help, cleaning is one area where we strongly recommend bringing in the pros.

Before you list your home, it’s a smart idea to hire a cleaning crew to come in and give your home a very deep cleaning from top to bottom. Not only will they reach places you probably never even thought of, they will also use professional-grade products that will have your home looking brand new. They will steam the floors, polish baseboards, and get all the hard-to-reach places.

Once they’re done, you can then focus on maintaining it yourself for the remainder of its time on the market. (Which hopefully won’t be long at all!) Your professional cleaners can also give you some tips to keep it sparkling for every showing.

If you are certain you want to take on the first major cleaning yourself, here are a list of commonly overlooked cleaning spots to help you out.

3) HomeGoods

One of our favorite places to shop for stylish furniture and accessories is HomeGoods. This store is located all across the U.S. and stocks great décor for affordable prices. You can find many of our recommended decorative pieces for home staging there, such as trays, silk plants, vases, apothecary jars and other items that will make your home feel warmer and more inviting to buyers.

4) Home Staging Art

Art is an important finishing touch on any home, especially one for sale. While it may seem frivolous, the right wall art can help highlight areas of the home and generally give it a better ambiance. Large, awkward walls (such as in hallways) will always show a lot better with a nice piece of art on them. However, it’s important to choose the right art for home staging.

We offer a line of home staging art that is neutral, contemporary, and appropriate for all audiences that will enhance the way your home looks and feels to a wide range of buyers. Click here to check out our art for home staging.

5) Furniture/Accessories Rental

If you don’t want to invest in home staging décor to use in your next home, then your next best option is renting it. This is perfect if you’ve already moved into your next home and are trying to sell an empty house.

Staged homes show much better than empty ones because buyers often struggle with envisioning how large a room actually is, how to arrange the furniture, and whether or not theirs will fit in it. Empty homes can also come off as cold and sterile. Staging a home with some furniture and accessories will erase all of these issues and ensure that buyers focus on the best aspects of the home.

We have a warehouse of furniture and accessories available for rent with or without home staging services. (Feel free to contact us to learn more.) If we are outside of your area, check for local rental services and be sure to do some research on the company. You’ll want furniture that is neutral and contemporary to appeal to the highest number of buyers possible. Follow the guidelines in Stageology for more tips.

For more DIY home staging tips, check out our post on budget-friendly home staging ideas.

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