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How to Stage a Welcoming Front Porch

A front porch with seating.

You might already know the importance of a home’s curb appeal. A key element of this concept is the front porch. Once you’ve got potential buyers up to your home’s entrance, it’s time to start putting your best foot forward. When they step onto the porch, they should be excited to head in and see the rest of the house. Keep reading to find out what you can do to make the best possible first impression. 

Start with the Basics

The front of a home. There are two chars with white and blue decorative pillows out front. The front doors are open and the interior of the home can be seen.

Before you get into the design elements of your porch, make sure the basics are taken care of. You’ll want to lay the groundwork for an entryway that’s polished and put together. To start, clean the area thoroughly. Make sure windows are wiped down, sweep leaves out of the way, and leave the area feeling as pristine as possible. 

Once you have a clean slate, focus on the details. Check to see if anything needs to be replaced. Do you need to fix a shutter? If you have brick, stone, or maybe wooden posts out front, make sure they’re in good condition. Lastly, it’s important not to overlook the little things, like double checking that the doorbell works and the house number looks good. 

Refresh the Paint

A front porch seating area. There are two green chairs and a table.

The paint you choose for the exterior of your home is crucial. When putting your home on the market, pay extra attention to how the paint looks around the entryway. Maybe it needs a fresh coat, or maybe you’ll change things up completely. Decide if you want to stick to more neutral tones, or maybe experiment with the color of your shutters or window borders. Play around with what makes your house feel the most inviting.

Focus on the Front Door

The front of a home with steps leading up to a bright red front door.

Your front door is likely one of the first places a buyer’s eyes will land. Think about what kind of statement you’re trying to make. You might choose to paint it a bold color that compliments the rest of the house. This can be especially eye-catching against otherwise neutral paint colors. You can add a touch of decor, like a nice doormat or seasonal wreath. Just be sure not to go overboard with details that are too busy or personal. 

Include Seating 

The front of a house, with chairs on either side of the front door.

If space allows, show how outdoor furniture might be used. You can use chairs or benches to really show off how this could be a social area. Whether you choose wood, wicker, or another material for your outdoor furniture, be sure it contributes to the look you’re going for. The goal here is to create an area that seems livable to potential buyers. Finish off by adding decorative elements, like throw pillows and seat cushions. This is an easy way to make the overall design feel more elevated.

Use Appropriate Lighting

The front of a home lit up at night.

Finally, don’t forget about lighting. The kind of lighting and fixtures you choose for your front porch matter more than you might think. It offers a great way to enhance your curb appeal at night. Of course lighting is something to consider for safety reasons, but you shouldn’t underestimate what it can do for the appearance of your home. Beyond choosing fixtures that best suit your home, you should gain an understanding of the areas you’re lighting up. You’ll want to make sure you’re drawing attention where you want it.

Schedule a Home Staging Consultation 

With the right front porch decor, you’ll have buyers who can’t wait to see what the rest of your house has to offer. It’s all about paying attention to the details that will make them feel instantly at home. If you’d rather leave your staging up to the pros, we’d be more than happy to help. Request a home staging consultation today!

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