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How to Make a Home Appear Larger to Buyers


One thing home buyers are always looking for is more space. Follow these home staging tips to make your home appear larger to buyers regardless of the square footage. One of the most important things to home buyers when house hunting is space. Even if you are selling an apartment, a home that feels cramped is always less appealing than one that feels open and welcoming despite the small square footage. A lot of it comes down to perception.

To ensure that your home is as appealing to buyers as possible, follow these small space home staging tips so buyers will feel like they are living large.

Small Space Home Staging Tips

Edit and declutter

No matter how large your home is, decluttering is a crucial step to getting your home ready to sell. Every item you have in your home is an opportunity for buyers to be distracted from the home itself. Before going on the market, every home can benefit from some decluttering, even the most organized ones.

Decluttering also makes a space feel larger. The less that’s in it, the bigger it feels. The two most important areas to declutter are shelves and surfaces. Clear off your countertops as much as possible. The same goes for coffee tables and end tables. As for your shelves, edit 50-75% of what is displayed on them to create a more open feel. Even the smallest items can have an impact on how small or large the space feels to a buyer.

Let the light in

Dark spaces tend to feel smaller and less welcoming. That’s because dark colors are contracting and light colors feel expansive. If you want to make your home feel bigger, make sure it has as much light as possible. Open the windows, clean the glass, and make sure they aren’t blocked by trees or plants. If you don’t have a lot of natural light available, optimize the artificial lighting. Fill in any dark corners so every room is bright and inviting.

Rearrange the furniture

Your furniture layout can have a lot to do with how large or small a space feels. If any pieces are blocking natural traffic patterns or doors into the space, that will contribute to it appearing smaller. Keep the layout open with as few pieces of furniture as possible. Leave a lot of negative space. Also, if you can, opt for furniture that is lightweight and takes up less visual space.

Go neutral

Light, neutral colors will expand the space and make it appear more open. Not only are they good for this purpose, they are also great for home staging in general to make a home more appealing to the highest number of buyers. Incorporate color in smaller accents, such as artwork and pillows.

Give every room one purpose

When rooms have more than one purpose, they often appear smaller because each purpose is getting designated to a small corner. Instead, give every room one clear purpose while it is on the market. For example, if your living room typically doubles as a playroom, move the toys to the kids’ bedrooms until it’s sold.

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