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Home Staging Secrets: How to Stage Your Bedroom

When it comes to staging a home, one of the most challenging rooms to stage can be the master bedroom. On one hand, you want to create a private, intimate ambience—but it also can’t feel boring and isolated. It’s also very difficult to view your bedroom objectively, as it is the typically the room that is most uniquely yours. Today, we’re going to share seven tips to help you stage your bedroom in order to create the most appealing room possible for your prospective buyers.
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Staging a Bedroom

1) Don’t overfill the bedroom.

Many sellers, in an attempt to make the room seem larger and more exciting than it was intended to be, will pack it with furniture. If there isn’t room for a proper sitting area, don’t bother trying to create one. It won’t fool anyone—but it will make your room seem smaller and more cluttered.

2) Make it restful.

Even if you enjoy having a TV or a treadmill in your bedroom, you should eliminate these items while staging the home. The bedroom should feel serene and relaxing—not like a place to be productive or to entertain guests.

3) Make sure that you have plenty of time to make your bed and clean up laundry before showing the home.

It is very easy for a bedroom to get messy—we all know that. But when you’re trying to sell the home, it’s essential that you discipline yourself to keep the room as pristine as possible. Prospective buyers will want to look in closets, as well, so make sure that they are well organized.

4) Get rid of miscellaneous objects like laundry hampers.

DVD stands are another example. While practical, these objects contribute to a feeling of clutter. They will also draw attention away from the best attributes of the room.

5) Replace your bedding with a neutral style.

Yes, you love your bedding. But staging your room is not about what you love—it’s about creating mass appeal. Neutral colors and styles are the best way to do this.

6) Keep your windows clear.

Natural light is desirable, particularly in a bedroom. Keep your shades open and the paths to the windows clear. In addition, if your bedroom windows provide a great view, make sure that you showcase it.

7) Pay attention to your bedside tables.

Get rid of stacks of books, magazines, and other odds and ends. These objects will attract attention and keep prospective buyers from focusing on the best attributes of the room. And while lamps are great, ensure that they are of a size and style that complements the headboard, pillows, and bedding.

Staging a bedroom well is one of the most difficult parts of staging a home. It’s very difficult to remain objective about a room in which you’ve spent so much of your time. These seven tips will get you started in the right direction, but if you’d like to learn more, please get in touch with us today!

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