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Home Staging Secrets: Bring Out the Romance in Your Bedroom

staging your bedroom for sale, you need to treat every day like Valentine’s Day! Below are seven ways you can accomplish this: 1)     Candles. The right candles create a soft, intimate atmosphere—as well as any number of romantic scents. Group them together in the corners of the room for the most powerful effect! 2)     Bedding colors such as red, black, pearl, or gold. These colors are associated with romance and will have a subtle yet powerful effect when paired with the rest of your room decor. 3)     Strategically placed mirrors. Mirrors are a great way to add an element of mystery and charm to your bedroom. Place them in such a manner that they will reflect candlelight and other soft light. 4)     Dark, enticing curtains. Dark curtains are important to absorb lights from outside—street lights, traffic, etc. If you can find a way to help them catch a breeze so that they’ll ripple gently, even better! 5)     Subtly placed flowers. Flowers, particularly roses, are a great way to add romance to your bedroom. However, if you place them in a manner that draws excessive attention, they’ll lose their effect because they’ll feel out of place. It’s important that your bedroom décor seem natural. 6)     Window dressing that matches your bedding. Matching window dressing creates a feeling of continuity and magnifies the romantic vibe that your bedding creates. 7)     Dim lighting. Nothing takes the romance out of a bedroom like excessively bright lights. Install a dimmer—or go with low-wattage bulbs, if necessary. A romantic bedroom can be a major selling point for potential buyers. It’s worth taking the time to stage your bedroom just right. Contact us today if you would like to learn more!]]>

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