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Creating Elegant Christmas Curb Appeal for Home Staging

christmascurbappeal While selling a home during the holidays isn’t necessarily ideal, it is the reality for some homeowners and there are plenty of buyers still out there searching throughout the season. It can be tempting to decorate your home as you do every year for the holidays, but smart home staging tips apply all year-round.

Like any other time of year, it’s crucial to think about your buyers first and not allow décor to distract from the home itself. That means keeping things simple, neutral, and uncluttered. It’s perfectly fine to decorate for the holidays when your home is on the market as long as you apply some home staging guidelines.

Here are some home staging tips for holiday curb appeal to make your home festive without turning off buyers:

Elegant Christmas Curb Appeal for Home Staging & Beyond

White Lights

There are a lot of options for Christmas lights out on the market. Every year, more creative options come out in every color imaginable. When you’re selling a home, though, it’s important to keep everything neutral with the exception of a few accents of color. This includes your Christmas lights.

White Christmas lights are the most elegant choice, so opt for simplicity when staging a home. Avoid lights that look like icicles and stick with the classic round bulbs. Also, limit how many you use. Line the roof of the house, wrap some around the base of large trees, and maybe accent the sidewalk leading up to the doorway.


Garland is one of our favorite pieces of Christmas décor because it is so beautiful and versatile. When used sparingly, it is perfect for home staging during the holidays. You can frame the front door with it, for example, to welcome buyers in or if you have pillars or a front porch railing, wrap them in some garland, as well. It will help draw buyers’ attention to these nice architectural details.


You can never go wrong with a wreath on the front door to give your curb appeal some Christmas flair. Opt for a simple one with some white lights or a red bow on it. Some pine cones are okay, too, but stay away from anything too flashy when staging a home for sale. Another lovely option besides the traditional one is a wreath made of succulents.

Welcome Mat

A welcome mat is always a great touch by your door, so feel free to take advantage of it to also add some holiday cheer. Like the rest of the décor, don’t choose anything that is too flashy or child-like, but an elegant one with a holiday message like “Happy Holidays” is a nice way to make buyers feel welcome without overwhelming them with distracting décor.

Charming Accents

Lawn ornaments are typically a no-no for home staging, but you can get away with a couple of things if you make elegant choices. A reindeer or two made of white lights are fine for a home on the market during the holidays if the yard is large enough for them to not make it look cluttered. Similarly, a couple of tall, thin Christmas trees flanking the front door are nice choices, too. Just be sure to keep things simple and uncluttered as possible.

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