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How to Stage a Laundry Room

Think your laundry room doesn't need to be staged when you're selling your home? Think again! A cluttered laundry room can be off-putting to buyers, so follow these home staging tips to make sure it doesn't turn them away. When preparing a home for sale, many homeowners forget about the laundry room. It’s easy to write this functional space off as one home buyers won’t pay much attention to, but that’s a big mistake. A dirty, cluttered laundry room can be as big a turn-off as any other space left in the same shape.

You should treat the laundry room like a selling feature, because it very well could be certain buyers. It should look clean, organized, and efficient, and preferably have a little dose of charm, as well.

Follow these home staging tips for laundry rooms so it can help you sell your home faster:

Tips for Staging a Laundry Room

Clean & Declutter

Just like any other space in the home, it’s important to declutter the space and give it a deep clean, and then be strict about maintaining it while the home is on the market. While the laundry room may be a utilitarian space in the home, it should still be staged to impress. Leaving cleaning supplies and hangers out or storing overflow from the rest of the home in there will leave a bad impression on buyers. Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong in there and organize it with pretty bins, boxes or cabinets.

Put Clothes Away

Never leave clean or dirty clothes in the laundry room during showings. Everything should be put away so when buyers tour it, they see a completely clean and organized space. Clothes will remind them of the current owners and distract them from imagining the space as their own.

Hide Detergent & Supplies

All bottles of detergent and other laundry supplies should be hidden away. These items make the small space look cluttered, especially with the various brightly colored labels all clashing with each other. Put them away in whatever available cabinets, closet, drawers, baskets or bins you have in the laundry room.

Keep It Simple

The only things that should be out in the laundry room are the washer and dryer, an ironing board (if it’s out of the way, such as hanging on the wall), and a few optional pieces of decor. You don’t want to remind buyers of the stresses of using this space, but you do want to present a space that looks clean and organized so they will feel like using the space will be an easy, efficient experience.

Make It Bright & Charming

To take it one step further, give your laundry room a dose of charm. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color and then add a few colorful accents in the form of wall art, curtains on the window, or an area rug. Some other creative ideas for laundry room staging are putting clothespins and laundry detergent in glass jars or covering your ironing board in a pretty cover. A little goes a long way in this space, so choose only a few accents at most to add some character.

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