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6 Home Staging Tips to Make Your Home Ready for Guests at Any Time

Want your home to be more guest-ready at any given time? Follow these easy staging tips so you'll be proud to show it off whenever the opportunity arises.If you love to entertain, you know the value of having a guest-ready home. It’s a wonderful feeling to be proud of your personal space and want to show it off to your friends and family. However, if you’ve been wanting to entertain but feel like your home isn’t up to par, it can be frustrating and disappointing.

Thankfully, having a guest-ready home is as easy as following a few key staging tips. These tips are helpful for making a home more appealing to buyers and regular guests alike. They are quick and easy to follow, so try them out for yourself.

Staging Tips for a Guest-Ready Home

Let the light in

Well-lit spaces feel more refreshing and welcoming. Make sure your windows aren’t blocked by trimming the trees around them and keeping them unobstructed inside so plenty of natural light can flow into the space.

If you don’t have a lot of natural light available, consider installing a skylight or using attractive artificial lighting to fill in dark corners.

Make it smell great

Scent is a powerful sense, so take advantage of in your home by making sure it always smells good. Open the windows at least once a day to air it out and use other scents to create a warm, inviting appeal such as candles, oil diffusers, and plug-in air fresheners.

Incorporate plants and flowers

Greenery has an amazing way of bringing life to a home and making it more beautiful and relaxing. Whether the plants are real or fake, they will bring a touch of beauty to whatever space you use them in. Large plants look great in a corner to fill the space while small potted flowers and greenery will add some elegance to a table, shelving or vignette.

Choose beautiful artwork

The artwork you choose says a lot about you and has a big effect on the overall essence of your home. Be very particular about what you adorn your home with. Rather than choosing art based on the size and color, opt for art that you truly love so that you will be proud to show it off and your guests will learn something about you.

If you are staging a home for sale, the artwork is equally as important but has different guidelines. Click here for tips on choosing artwork for staging a home to sell.

Create comfortable conversation areas

Traffic flow and furniture arrangement can make or break a space. If it’s awkward, guests will instantly notice with a feeling of unease in the space. Make sure there is a traffic pattern that is clear and easy to move through and arrange your furniture in conversation areas so your guests can easily and comfortably converse.

Click here for tips on how to set up effective conversation areas in your home.

Keep it clean and uncluttered

No matter how beautiful your décor is, a messy, cluttered home will be uncomfortable to guests. Have an easy cleaning schedule to keep things tidy and organized at all times and declutter each room of things you no longer want or need. Leave some empty space on shelves and surfaces to make it look even cleaner. The less stuff you have around, the more relaxing your home will be to both you and your guests.

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