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5 Easy Ways to Add Character to Your Home

Want to give a bland home more character? Try these simple decorating tips to make any home more charming with a few simple tricks.There is something about a home that has character. It feels warm, inviting, and inspiring. However, creating that character can be a challenge, especially if you have a newer home that lacks anything unique or particularly charming about it.

Giving a home character is actually quite easy. You don’t have to spend a lot of money or have a particular kind of home in order to create it – in fact, you don’t even have to own your home. Even a bland apartment can be given character without upsetting your landlord.

Here are some simple tips for adding character to your home with some clever decorating ideas.

Tips for Adding Character to Your Décor

Switch out your hardware

It’s easy to overlook the hardware in your home – doorknobs, drawer handles, faucets – but these elements can add a lot of character to it. Switch out the outdated or builder-grade pieces for something with more charm. This is a great way to update your kitchen, bathrooms, doors, or even some of your furniture. It’s quick, easy, and inexpensive yet the results go a long way.

Add texture

If a room feels flat or dull, the problem can often be contributed to a lack of texture. Mixing different textural elements into the space will instantly add character and make it more visually intriguing.

Natural elements like wood and stone will make a space feel more custom, such as with wood furniture, a stone accent wall or even smaller décor pieces. Metals are another good option for adding a bit of shine or industrial flair. For a more glamorous, cozy appeal, incorporate some faux fur and other soft textiles.

Embellish with architectural elements

Even a completely empty home will have character if it has some beautiful architectural elements, such as molding or a fireplace. Extending your baseboards or adding crown molding always makes a room feel more expensive, but you can do these projects yourself for a nominal investment. You can also add trim work to the walls and paint it to make it look like you have wood paneling.

Don’t have a fireplace but always wanted one? Purchase a fireplace surround and fill it with wood, fabric, candles or décor for a fraction of the cost and upkeep of the real thing.

Upgrade your lighting

If your light fixtures are outdated or builder-grade, swap them out with fixtures that are unique and stylish. A chandelier in the bathroom, for example, will instantly add a touch of glamour and character. Even a change in your lamp shades could make a simple light fixture more interesting.

Create an accent wall (or ceiling)

An entire room can be transformed by adding an accent wall to it. This could be done with paint, wallpaper or even a texture like shiplap or beadboard.  Another option is to transform the ceiling. Even a subtle difference in the color could change the entire look and feel of the room to give it that extra boost of character.

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