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Why Staged Homes Sell Faster Than Empty Homes

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Home staging Empty homes may seem like they would sell faster than occupied ones, but the opposite can often be true. Here's how home staging can help sell an empty home faster. is one of the most effective real estate marketing strategies in today’s competitive market. It can help make occupied homes look more appealing to buyers, but it can also do the same for empty properties, including new builds.

People often assume that an empty home is more appealing than an occupied one, but they can actually take a while to sell because buyers have troubling feeling an emotional connection with them. By staging an empty home, you help buyers visualize the possibilities and establish a bond with it.

Home staging also helps sell the lifestyle that buyers can look forward to living once they move in. These emotional triggers will get faster offers so it spends less time on the market.

Here are three reasons why you should consider home staging for an empty home.

Why You Should Stage an Empty Home

It makes the home more welcoming

Empty houses naturally feel cold and uninviting. They echo and generally lack warmth, so buyers often have a hard time connecting on an emotional level with them. Home staging, even just a little bit of soft staging, can make a world of difference.

There are a lot of practical things to consider when house hunting, but many buyers also rely on an emotional connection with a property, especially when there is so much inventory to choose from. Empty listings struggle to make this connection with buyers because they lack the things that make a house feel like a home. A listing that strikes an emotional chord with a buyer will inspire faster, higher offers.

It gives each room a sense of scale

Most home buyers struggle to get a sense of scale in a room without furniture in it. Will their sofa fit in the living room? Will a king-sized bed fit in the master bedroom?

The truth is, empty rooms look smaller than they are, especially in photographs. A lot of buyers look at MLS photos before they tour homes in person, so a trick of the eye can make them misjudge a home’s size and make them pass on it altogether.

To make the size of each room perfectly clear, stage it with some key pieces so buyers don’t have to guess if their furniture will fit and can instead start imagining how they will place their own furniture in it.

It makes sense of awkward spots

Awkward spots, like a small loft or odd corner, can be off-putting to buyers unless you stage them right. Sometimes they will just confuse buyers, other times they can be total deal-breakers. However, some simple staging can take turn an awkward spot into a charming feature.

Instead of letting buyers wonder how they could possibly use it, you can take the confusion out of the equation by giving it some character with furniture or décor. They won’t think of the awkward spot as a negative anymore, but a charming part of the home.

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A beautiful home sells faster.

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